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This is a copy of the email I sent to corporate. Sorry it's long.

To whom it concerns: I would like to express my disgust with my experience so far with this company. Of course after just reading reviews on one sight alone that has over 1,500 complaints and gives you guys a one star rating I'm not sure anyone in this company really cares about customer service. Too bad I didn't read these reviews before we made a purchase. Anyway, we purchased a 2017 fifth wheel from the Camping World in Raleigh, NC on Saturday March 11,2017.

I had found the unit online and had sent in an offer through the website and after two days had not heard anything back so I called the store and asked to speak to someone about the unit. We were put in contact with salesman Angela and I explained to her that we had sent in an offer and had not heard back and that we were actually about to purchase another unit at a different company but were interested in this one and needed to make a decision by the following weekend. She did some research and said that someone had documented that they had called us which never happened and that should have been my first clue about the company. However, we set up a time to meet her to look at it on that Saturday March 11th and ended up making the purchase on that day.

The sales part was easy because we had already done all our research on the unit and knew it was what we wanted but the sitting and waiting to get with a finance person was a ridiculously long process. We kept being told 5 more minutes over and over for what ended up being hours. Once we finally were finished with the purchase we made arrangements to pick the unit up the following Friday March 17, 2017. We were told the unit would be gone through and inspected thoroughly for anything that needed to be fixed and cleaned inside and out before we picked it up.

We also had given them a list of things that we had noticed needed to be fixed and were assured it would all be taken care of before we picked it up. So we arrive for our appointment on Saturday March 17 to walk through and pick up the unit only to find that even though they had a whole week to get it ready that it had just been brought down off the lot that morning (our appointment was @ 10am). First thing we are told was that they realized the tv that was supposed to be in the bedroom was not there and they had to send someone out to purchase one so they were just waiting for that and then we could do our walk through and then we would meet with someone named Missy. After waiting about an hour the guy came and got us to walk through the unit.

Right away I noticed that nothing on our list had been done and when we asked about it were told he didn't know we had a list (Angela assured us that they had the list and I believe her). The biggest blind in the back window would not go up and when he tried to fix it he really messed it up so he said he would have to order another one. There was something that looked like grease all the way down the carpet on one side of the unit so they had to have someone come shampoo it and I also asked if the hardwood was going to be cleaned as I was scratching up something that looked like chewing gum and was told yes. Looking at the outside the unit had been cleaned outside except it looked like the whole front was missed and was still very dirty so it had to be redone.

Also, the remote for the stereo was missing the back and he could not find one so said he would have to order that as well. Then there were a few minor things we saw that needed repair as well. While they were supposed to be taking care of all that they sent us in to meet with Missy and said she would be right out. We wondered around the store for 45 minutes waiting for her having several people ask if we needed help and telling them we were waiting on Missy who still had not shown up.

Finally, the front cashier paged her and told her we were waiting on her and she came out about 10 minutes later. What we had to do with her took all of about two minutes which was do a survey and make a follow up appointment which when I asked to do the appointment on a Saturday was told I could not do a Saturday because they are too busy on the weekends. Which I could not understand and I explained to her that we live 2.5 hours away and would have to take a day off work to bring it in on a weekday as we had done on this Friday that we were picking it up. She couldn't have cared less and wrote down an appointment day and time and said to call if I needed to change it.

I forgot to mention that we were planning on going camping for the weekend the same day we picked it up and they were aware of this. Finally around 4pm a guy pulls the unit up front and tell us it's ready and walks off. Now this was our first camper ever which again they knew but no one came out to try to help us with getting it hooked up and out of there. I was directing my husband with backing up to hook up the fifth wheel and one guy did come up and ask who did our walk through and said let me go get him but we never saw him again.

Angela actually came out and asked if he had checked to make sure all our lights were working or anything and we told her no so she was helping us check and we noticed the rear side lights did not match (one side was red and one was yellow so Angela asked another salesman and he said they both should be red and got someone else to bring a red to replace the yellow.) Again, something that was missed. We finally got out of there and made the 2.5 hour trip home to grab our stuff and go camping. When my husband went to turn on the inverter so the fridge would run and we could put our groceries in it the thing would not come on so we had to get coolers instead. We get to the campground and I am unpacking things and finding that nothing had really been cleaned.

There was sawdust all on the shelves in the closets and cabinets, the shower had red stuff all on the walls and when my dog splashed water on the floor from her bowl I wiped it with a white paper towel and it was black afterwards. I wiped other areas (the floor is very dark so you could not tell how dirty it was) and the same thing so I sent my husband to Walmart to get a Swiffer so I could clean the floors. I used 10 of the white pads and they were all totally black afterwards so there was no way the floors had ever been cleaned. We also discovered that even though we were told the stereo was bluetooth that it was not and the curtains on the window right as you come in the door was missing the screws to hold it down on the bottom so it just flopped around.

The following Monday Angela had sent me a text and asked if we were able to get the inverter working and I told her no and that I wanted to know who to speak with about our experience. She said she would have someone call me and I told her it would have to be after 3:30 when I get off work because I can not answer my phone @ work. That night @ 6:30 she sends me another text and says I will hear from someone tomorrow and again I told her it would have to be after 3:30 or they could call my husband. Wouldn't you know someone leaves me a message the next day @ 8:05 am while I am @ work so @ lunch I sent Angela a text and asked her what part of after 3:30 did he not understand and she said she told him to call me back then.

I never heard anything so I called him back @ 5pm (John Gordy who is parts and service director so not sure why he was the one I was dealing with) but anyway I went through the whole experience with him even though he kept cutting me off and talking over me. He said he wanted us to come in on Saturday today April 1, 2017 @ 10am and he wanted us to get with someone and walk us through everything and he would have it cleaned and things fixed. He was making excuses about everything that happened though and said that the inverter could have been working when we left but went out afterwards. I explained to him that we live 2.5 hours away which means 5 hours just in drive time and not to mention the $60 in gas it would cost us but I agreed to go.

The Monday before I sent him an email and said I just wanted to make sure everything was going to be there (inverter, blind and remote) before we made the trip so we didn't have to come back again and he simply replies "we will be good for Saturday" nothing else.So we get there this morning and ask for Gordy @ the front and were told to go to parts department. We tell the girl @ the desk that we were there to see Gordy and she says she will let him know. 15 minutes later a guy named Paul comes out and says he is going to look at the inverter. We go outside and he test it and sees that it is in fact dead so he says he has to find another one.

I ask him where is Gordy and he says around here somewhere. So I ask what about the other things and what's going on because we were suppose to meet with Gordy. He said he didn't know about anything else that he was just told to check the inverter so I had to explain to him about the blind and other stuff. He walks off to pull an inverter from another unit which should have already been ready for us but clearly was not.

We go back in and tell the girl we were still waiting on Gordy and she says yeah I told him. He still doesn't come out after us being there for 45 minutes so we go back outside and wait by our trailer. Paul comes back with the inverter and as he's putting it in Gordy finally walks up. My husband asks him how did this all happen going over things from the very beginning when we came to pick up the unit the first time (Gordy acts like he's hearing it all for the first time even though I had already been through everything with him on the phone) and he actually says I can't do anything about what happened then now except say it happens and try to get things fixed for you.

We ask about the blind and he says he's going to have someone pull one from another unit so yet another guy comes to see what size it is ( mind you it was supposed to have been ordered the day we did the first walk through along with the remote). So he has to go find one from another unit and find a remote from another unit all of which was supposed to already be ready for us so yet again nothing was done until we showed up. Paul and Gordy were talking and another customer started asking us questions about our truck and pulling a fifth wheel and next thing I know they are both gone. Eventually the guy comes back with the blind and the remote and we ask him a few questions about the inverter and that was it we never saw Gordy again.

He didn't check to see if everything was done and if we were satisfied, didn't have anything cleaned or have anyone go through things with us like he had said in our first phone conversation. In fact he never even apologized for our inconvenience or anything in fact he was quite arrogant.

I have never experienced such horrible customer service in my life and I would not recommend Camping World to anyone which is sad because we actually have several friends and family members looking to purchase campers. As I have read in the reviews apparently once you sign the paperwork they don't care about you.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Angela our salesperson.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Apr 01, 2017.
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O Fallon, Missouri, United States #1320402

I would write a review but it would take forever. The worst service department I have ever seen.

Took my coach in to have five minor things fixed. Got it back and three of the five were not fixed even though I was charged. Had to fight to get re-imbursed from Visa. They did nothing to fix the terrible work they supposedly had done.

Also know that there are shop fees of over $100 each time you take your rv in. I will never step foot in a Camping World again!

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