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We bought a new Cougar fifth wheel from Camping World Myrtle Beach, however, we didn't get it for 2 weeks later because we live near Asheville, NC. So we were excited to go get our camper and spend a week-end getaway on the coast. We were there at 8 a.m. and we were told just a little longer to do the paper work, the same thing an hour later, on and on. So we got out of the business office about 3 p.m. So the gentleman that went over the camper with us, to tell us the features was knowledgeable. However, we were dumb and didn't look at the cleanliness of the unit. So we finally get to the campsite and realized it was absolutely NASTY, me and my husband worked 5 hours to clean the inside up. We mopped on our hands and knees for 2 hours. The carpet is ruined, so we tried to clean that as well, but to no avail.

On the way back to Asheville, NC the door starts swinging open so we had to stop and bungee tie it to the frame. (1. to have fixed under new warranty). We stopped and got gas and we noticed we lost the tire rack and the tire that was on it. (2) This scared us because we had no idea where or when. We also noticed during a rain the slide was leaking on the inside and dripping down on sofa, so after looking it was running down from windows (3). The wall under the windows started blistering up from the moisture. (Another fix it to add to the list) (4). During a shower we also noticed the gasket was broken on the vent, another fix it (5). The light over the kitchen table was broken (6). I forgot to mention we had a new fifth wheel hitch installed in Myrtle Beach for $1800.00, and the handle broke off of it in 3 weeks.

After speaking to a Camping World store we were told any Camping World could fix the warranty work. So at that time we took it to the Camping World at Fletcher, NC. We took it by and gave them the list to fix. So a lady in the service department called and said it was ready (approximately 1.5 weeks late) So once again we were excited and guess what? It had not been touched. We had to take it with us and drop it back off when we got back. Once again, we went over the list again and left it, this was the 1st week of september 2015.

We were told that we needed to get our roof done every 6 months to keep it from leaking, so when we dropped it off that time we paid them to do this this procedure. On October 10, we went to pick it up, and they pulled it around and gave us the paper work, as we leave we noticed that the camper just kept on sliding and not locking into the hitch as it is suppose to. My husband says, "something don't feel right". As we go about 15 yards, the camper hit the truck tailgate and bent it. O.K. so now my husband is mad. He went back into camping world, and a few different guys came out to see what happened, and camping world had took some of the fifth wheel plate off and laid it in the camper. (The reason they take this off is because Camping World can't move them with this plate on). However, we were told they always put them back on. So they also forgot to put it back on, and it damaged a $50k truck. I went back in and demanded to speak to the main manager. He said, "WE WILL TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING", meanwhile while all of this was going on, I went into the camper to get my shoes that I needed months ago, and guess what? They had not fixed anything else, and the camper was NASTY. When we finally got to see the slide out they had fixed the light above dining room table, and put a rack on the back for the tire, but no tire thats all they fixed. SO BUYER BEWARE. The manager said he would call us around lunch time on Monday October 12. Yes, he called. However, NO-ONE else has called us back. So we have made 3 payments on our fifth wheel and its been at home 4 weeks since July 1, 2015. The rest of time it was suppose to be repaired. I am totally disgusted with this place, and the lies.... I would never buy a piece of bubble gum from these people, its not one store its everyone we have ever dealt with. Please be AWARE!! if they fix our unit I will be the first to update you all! Disgusted in Barnardsville, NC!

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My monetary loss 140.000.00 plus equmt. time loss,,plus md,,,plus no place to live..equmt loss..ect and mental stress,,,,dt extra cost ...all because of a defected unit,,,,,,,,So they say,,,,,,,,,,,

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