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In May of 2017 I bought a year old, 2015 Keystone Outback Terrain 21 foot travel trailer. The trailer was purchased from a private seller who I met at his house. The trailer was in immaculate condition. Clearly used very little, and very well cared for when it was used. When looking through the trailer, we slid the back slide out bet out, and back in. However, the slide out would not come back into the trailer. Upon inspection we found that the top driver’s side cable was frayed, jamming the slide and preventing it from re-entering the trailer. At this point I called my local Camping World in Idaho Falls to determine the cost and difficulty of the repair. I was told the part was only a $50 part and that the repair would only take one or two hours. We managed to get the slide back in and I negotiated a price for the trailer based on the quote from the representative at Camping World.

After getting home from purchasing the trailer, I called Camping World in Idaho Falls to make an appointment to have the repair made. I live nearly two hours from this location, so I explained that I only wanted to bring the trailer to Idaho Falls once and asked if the part was in and if they could do it in one day. I was told the part was indeed in, and they could do the repair in one day, as well as de-winterize the trailer. So my wife and I drove the trailer to Idaho Falls on the day of the appointment, dropped it off, discussed the intended repairs with the repair staff and left to run errands. Several hours later we returned to see how progress was coming. The trailer was parked out front, and after asking inside, was told the repairs had been made, the trailer was de-winterized, and it was ready to go. We paid our bill and drove home. Upon getting home, we opened up the trailer to get ready for an upcoming trip. I slid the slide out to see how it worked and it would not come back in. Again. I also turned the water on only to find pink RV antifreeze pouring out. Not only was my trailer not repaired, it was not de-winterized.

When I called Camping World I was told that I was billed for de-winterizing and a diagnosis of the slide out problem. The service manager even had the gall to ask me when I wanted to make an appointment to get it repaired and if they should order the part.

I am self-employed. I am my only employee. When I leave my shop for the day, the business is not making any money. So a day trip to Idaho Falls costs me around $800 plus fuel. So with the bill from Camping World, this particular trip cost me well over a thousand dollars and I got absolutely nothing done. When I addressed this with the service manager he was clear that there was nothing he could do. He also informed me that the part was, indeed around $50, but the repair was an 8 hour job. Not one or two as I was originally quoted. I asked to speak with the branch manager. The branch manager apologized and we agreed that I would bring the trailer in that afternoon, drop it off and pick it up the next day with the repairs being made. He refunded my money for the de-winterization, and took $40 off of my bill to help with fuel. He also only charged me for three hours of work on the repair. I felt this was fair, but was still not pleased I had two more trips to Idaho Falls that would cost me in additional time away from my business. But with a trip planned that weekend, I did what needed to be done to get the repairs made. I managed to get the slide back in and drove it back to Camping World, dropped it off and went home. The next afternoon, when the trailer repairs were complete, my wife drove to pick it up.

When she returned with the trailer I completed the de-winterization myself (another few hours away from work) and looked at the repairs. Under the slide is an approximately six inch tall piece of ply wood trim that spans the width of the trailer that hides/protects the inner working of the slide out hardware. This trim was lying on the bed, not replaced, and was broken. Again, I called Camping World and asked what they were going to do about this trim that was broken, and asked why it wasn’t replaced. I was told that they couldn’t replace it because they weren’t sure what screws to use. Again, I asked to speak with the manager. I was told that he would call me back. I did not receive a call back. After several more tries to reach him, I called Camping World Corporate offices to see if they could help. I explained my problem and they said they would have him call me. The Idaho Falls branch manager called me back several minutes later. He said he would order the part and have it shipped to me so I wouldn’t have to drive to Idaho Falls, again.

I understand that there are times when things don’t work out the way we hope. That sometimes things go wrong, and that if we work together, in the long run things come out in the wash. So I agreed to replace the trim myself if they would just get it to me. Two weeks later a package showed up: two 48” x 48” x 1/8” skins that were not only the wrong dimension, but the wrong color. Again, I called the branch manager without any luck. Several times, over several days. He clearly did not want to deal with me. I will also stress that I am not a hot head. I do not berate people over the phone, and I treat everyone with the utmost respect. I believe, very firmly, that berating someone like this branch manager gets you nowhere, where respect and understanding will get the job done. So to this point I have been nothing but respectful, so I have no idea why this gentleman will not return my calls. So I again call the corporate offices in search for help. Again they say they will have him call me and, again he calls me several minutes after getting off of the phone with corporate. I explain the product that was shipped and what is actually needed. Again he says he will have the trim piece shipped.

Several weeks later a freight truck shows up at my house with a 4’x8’x1/8” sheet of plywood that was the right color, but clearly had to be modified to work. It also did not contain the other parts to complete the trim piece. Again, I called the branch manager. Again he dodged my calls over several days. Again I called corporate. Again he called me back. This time I was told that I just needed to cut the ply wood to fit, remove the trim pieces from the broken trim, and place them on the new ply wood. Then I can replace the trim. I told him that it was lucky for him that I was a cabinet maker and have the machinery and know-how to make this happen and to repair it in the manner in which it was intended. I asked him where I should send the invoice. He laughed at me. I made the repairs. It took me a few hours. I did not bill Camping World for my lost time. I was just glad that this incredibly ridiculous episode was over. We had our trailer, and we could finally use it.

Last weekend my sister was married. Our trailer is parked behind our garage and the slide was out so some friends could stay in it. The plan was to travel to where the wedding was to be held and to stay for three nights at an RV park in our trailer. However, right before leaving I tried to run the slide in. It would not come back in. Upon inspection the top driver’s side cable is frayed, again, and preventing the slide from re-entering the trailer. We were due for a rehearsal dinner in a few hours. We called a few friends and found a trailer to borrow in the town where the wedding was being held. We unpacked our trailer and stuffed everything into my truck and raced to the borrowed trailer. We got the borrowed trailer, got it to the park, and got it hooked up. We were late to dinner. Not having the ability to bring our food, we ate out all weekend. Not having OUR trailer, we were put a fair amount over the weekend. We live at 6000 feet. Snow will be here any day and the slide will not go back into our trailer. This is very discouraging.

After I left the above letter with the offending branch I was contacted by the service manager who accused me of lying and steam rolling him into trying to get free stuff. Already this has cost me over two thousand dollars in cash and lost time. The service manager told me he would fix it, but would not do anything to get it done in a timely fashion, would not help out one bit. I asked him if he was going to make anything right and he said no. Then asked if I wanted to make an appointment. I told him that if he didn't stand by his work I would prefer to patronize the other Keystone dealer in town. He then insulted me further and slammed the phone down.

I have never experienced this level of customer service. I have never had an employee or business owner accuse me of lying and outright insult me. Let alone refuse to stand by their work. I will never set foot in another Camping World. I would advise anyone else to do the same.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Sep 22.
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