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I know this is probably not the best way to get this information to you, however when I have asked for your email address and contact information it has been refused to me. I would like to inform you that my most recent purchase with CAMPING WORLD (MERIDIAN,ID) has been the worst experience of my life.

It has been a complete nightmare and I have never felt more disrespected as a customer, EVER. I feel it is necessary for you to be informed of what I have gone through and the way I have been treated by your store and staff. To make a very long story short, my wife and I bought our SECOND camp trailer from Camping World (this one being a brand new unit) on January 23rd, 2016. When we picked it up on January 30th, we noticed the couch was ripped and were told we could bring it back in 2-3 weeks to have a new one installed.

When I got the trailer home, I saw a few other issues that I wanted fixed like the table trim completed, peeling graphics replaced, and a few other minor things. After all, this was a brand new unit and I felt it should be in pristine condition. I planned on using my BRAND NEW camp trailer this month, but it has been sitting at your store until today. I feel like I was intentionally lied to about when the couch would come in just to get the sale.

Otherwise, I would have waited the 7.5 weeks for the repairs to finally get done. I asked numerous times what camping world was going to do to make it right? I had been getting the run around and multiple stories from different employees for several weeks. I threw out a few suggestions just to get nowhere and was asked by Dave if I was trying to blackmail him among a few other things.

We obviously got nowhere. I finally got to pick up my camp trailer today and I requested to talk to your local GM Loy Howard and service manager David. When I first walked into the conference room, I was blown away at how unprofessional and disrespectful they were. They would not even listen to my concerns before giving me more excuses.

Telling me that they are so busy and have so many customers that IT IS OK if they have some unhappy customers. During our whole discussion, Loy was leaning back in his chair with his feet up playing with his GRIZZLY CHEW CAN. Honeslty, how is that NOT unprofessional and disrespectful? I would not have him manage a lemonade stand, let alone a multi million dollar business.

I GUARANTEE, you have and will continue to loose more that what I was requesting to make this right with Loy Howard running this location. It is also sad, that when I asked the service tech that was with me today and who I have been dealing with, "How would you feel if you were me, have spent nearly $50,000 dollars here and am getting treated like this?" I am sure his response isn't shocking to you, but he said that he would feel the same way I do right now. Does this make you proud as a business owner? I sure hope not.

Camping World has ONE last chance to make this right and try to save face. I understand mistakes happen and things may change when dealing with warranty parts and service, but communication and honesty is key. I feel I have been lied to from day one and have received the poorest form of communication and treated with zero respect by your staff.

It is a poor way to run business when people like myself are spending their hard earned money. I expect some respect and much greater customer service than what I have received at Camping World Meridian, Idaho.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Camping World Cons: Loy howard.

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I agree. I will never buy anything from Camping World nor Gander Mountain because they're the same POS Company.

Jack Nolan
Auto Expert

According to the Camping World reviews on, the company currently has 1.8 out of 5 stars. The rating presented here is based on the feedback offered by customers in 1935 different Camping World reviews.

Customers are not satisfied with poor customer service, service department, and after-sales service. However, customers like a variety of campers, location, and inventory. To find a solution with Camping World, you may send a letter to the company headquarters:

250 Parkway Drive, Ste 270, Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069, United States.

You may also share your experience with Camping World customers as well as the company's top management by posting your comments via their social networks. All contact information is available on the Camping World Сustomer Service tab on the Pissed Consumer website.

Horrible customer service and no repairs done on my camper either. Ignorant amd incompetent people Work at the Summerfield/ Belview location in Florida.


They don't care, so don't expect them to. I was going to buy a class c, but my experience with Camping World has driven me to airbnb. I now rent a house wherever I go.

TanTibetan Mastiff

I agree. I will never purchase another RV either because of my experience with Camping World in Tyler TX.

I think the entire company is poorly managed. I have relatives that have also had very poor service at the Katy TX location, so it is obviously a trend of poor to bad. Sell it, and lose a bunch of money like we did. You're better off without the POS RV.

I know we are. We're still waiting on our refund on the extended warranty that covers nothing.

Stupid me, but never again. Goodbye forever Camping World.


I will also never buy again from Camping World. Sales is fine, but pickup and service after the sale is terrible.

I am still waiting on answers on my refund for the $2,000 5 year warranty I purchased. I had the RV for one year spent $28,000 on it, and sold it for $18,000. People, rent a damn house when you go on vacation because it will only cost you about $1,000 for a weeks rental. I was finally refunded $1,000 for the 5 year $2,000 warranty.

Wouldn't you think it would be prorated? They can't answer my question on the refund you because only one person in the Tyler TX Store can do math (I guess). It's only been a week with no answer.

Don't buy from these folks, but I'm not sure if there's any better out there. Just terrible.


Neighbors in Portland oregon ripped by C W.big time

TanTibetan Mastiff

I agree. Camping World is terrible.


Customer is correct in stating that he should be informed of what was happening to his brand new trailer. No one should be sidelined with excuses or dismissed due to being too busy or elsewise.

The service manager should have been up front and told the customer they were swamped and would not be able to address the issues in a timely manner. I would think that warranty issues should be addressed immediately since someone just put thousands of dollars into what should be a pleasurable experience. I bought a used travel trailer from CW and enjoy it immensely. It is our first trailer and the only thing I remiss on is not having the roof inspected.

Buying the trailer as-is, and not knowing what to look for, the roof failed a few ears later and now there is water damage showing up in the side panels. I already replaced the roof myself saving about $8k and took it from Florida to Utah and back with minimal repairs needed.

(A lot of screws vibrated out all over the trailer.) Just to be clear.... I am not upset at CW for my purchase, but always prefer those dealerships that strive to make the buying experience awesome!


Why would you expect anything good to come from a company that sells RVs that has a CEO named LEMONis? They have especially sour lemons.

Don't waste your time and money there. And you would be wise to check the many RV forums to see what is said about Thor being the worst RV on the market.


We have had similar issues & experiences with Campersworld. I implore that anyone contemplating purchasing a rig from them to NOT do it!!! You have been forewarned


I just bought a 103,000 dollar Camper and immediately reported a bad scratch on a side window. Over two weeks later I had to call Because I NEVER got a call back about the window.

The service guy says to me he contacted Winnebago and they denied the claim. WHAT - That much money and they refuse - Then to make matters worse he tells me to call them - This on top of the fact that EVERY time I call service about something I get this - I will call you back about that , etc etc. However they NEVER call back and 80 percent of the time I get an answering machine. The last time there I had a parking brake light staying on and the service guy says bring it in Monday and you we get someone on it RIGHT AWAY.

Well that Monday after sitting for two hours and then asked how long - WELL they never even started on it and when they did it took another two hours to make a minor adjustment. Are your employees not to bright, liars , overworked just not knowledgable, ??????


I feel the same way about Camping world, We have a new 2018 Thor Chellanger 37 KT that has been in the shop, now for the past 3 months. Camping World In Tampa Fla.

I have found out first hand that Camping World is a real joke when it comes to service after the sell. They will tell you that they will stand behind anything they sell you, only to find out at they have a list a mile long of why it will take a mouth to get your rv in the shop and then another to order the parts, then another waiting for them to work on it, just to find it in worst shape then when you took it to the shop.

Thanks you for reading this DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM CAMPING WORLD. Gary Beverly @


I going through the same Service nightmare of errors, mistakes, lyes and warranty issues. I had a aftermarket bumper to bumper warranty from Good Sams and they are somehow connected as Camping World in the only repair shop that will honor the Good Sam warranty, one of many of the problems is that the Warranty Dept doesn't trust Camping World and the list of issues have now caused me to cancel my Good Sam Extended Warranty, they are both in bed with each other. Did you ever get your coach out of the inept hands of Camping World?


Try working there. The GM can come into your office and yell at you in front of other employees and nothing is done.

You say your going to call HR and the higher Corporate managers tell you that’s not a good idea bc the VP of your region doesn’t want HR involved. Then two weeks later, your getting fired bc supposedly employees are complaining about you. The GM is trying to cover his *** A service tech is allowed to ask you what you use your markers for meaning sexual stuff and same thing.

You can’t call HR for harassment and the same GM who yelled at you doesn’t do anything but fire you. I finally call HR and no one wants to talk to me or call me back.


You get the same treatment at Camping World in Ashevlle NC. They charge you to repair, and tell you it is fixed but when you are ready to use your trailer the problem you took to them is still not working. and guess what they do not care.


2016? Wow!

I bought mine in 2018!

I should of listened to all the bad reviews! Want my money back- want my money back Can you say lawsuits!?


Ours is with Sioux Falls, So Dak Horrible service Hard to get ahold of any one! Waiting for 5 months to replace a recliner.

Simple, right? Hope nothing serious goes wrong! Please just refund our money! And we will move on.

I don’t like working with you people!

Isn’t there a Lemon Law ? Can you say:***Attorney


I am another pissed off customer. With the Rapid City Store in South Dakota.


We went through the exact same thing and even more at camping world in Chattanooga Tennessee. I first think that we got shotty paper work , We've had so much that needs repairs.

I have been steaming. They kept my camper all winter the first trip. The list goes on and on. Sorry I get to upset.

I will have to stop.

One main thing, customers service is a pathetic shame. It is a new camper also.