I know this is probably not the best way to get this information to you, however when I have asked for your email address and contact information it has been refused to me. I would like to inform you that my most recent purchase with CAMPING WORLD (MERIDIAN,ID) has been the worst experience of my life.

It has been a complete nightmare and I have never felt more disrespected as a customer, EVER. I feel it is necessary for you to be informed of what I have gone through and the way I have been treated by your store and staff. To make a very long story short, my wife and I bought our SECOND camp trailer from Camping World (this one being a brand new unit) on January 23rd, 2016. When we picked it up on January 30th, we noticed the couch was ripped and were told we could bring it back in 2-3 weeks to have a new one installed.

When I got the trailer home, I saw a few other issues that I wanted fixed like the table trim completed, peeling graphics replaced, and a few other minor things. After all, this was a brand new unit and I felt it should be in pristine condition. I planned on using my BRAND NEW camp trailer this month, but it has been sitting at your store until today. I feel like I was intentionally lied to about when the couch would come in just to get the sale.

Otherwise, I would have waited the 7.5 weeks for the repairs to finally get done. I asked numerous times what camping world was going to do to make it right? I had been getting the run around and multiple stories from different employees for several weeks. I threw out a few suggestions just to get nowhere and was asked by Dave if I was trying to blackmail him among a few other things.

We obviously got nowhere. I finally got to pick up my camp trailer today and I requested to talk to your local GM Loy Howard and service manager David. When I first walked into the conference room, I was blown away at how unprofessional and disrespectful they were. They would not even listen to my concerns before giving me more excuses.

Telling me that they are so busy and have so many customers that IT IS OK if they have some unhappy customers. During our whole discussion, Loy was leaning back in his chair with his feet up playing with his GRIZZLY CHEW CAN. Honeslty, how is that NOT unprofessional and disrespectful? I would not have him manage a lemonade stand, let alone a multi million dollar business.

I GUARANTEE, you have and will continue to loose more that what I was requesting to make this right with Loy Howard running this location. It is also sad, that when I asked the service tech that was with me today and who I have been dealing with, "How would you feel if you were me, have spent nearly $50,000 dollars here and am getting treated like this?" I am sure his response isn't shocking to you, but he said that he would feel the same way I do right now. Does this make you proud as a business owner? I sure hope not.

Camping World has ONE last chance to make this right and try to save face. I understand mistakes happen and things may change when dealing with warranty parts and service, but communication and honesty is key. I feel I have been lied to from day one and have received the poorest form of communication and treated with zero respect by your staff.

It is a poor way to run business when people like myself are spending their hard earned money. I expect some respect and much greater customer service than what I have received at Camping World Meridian, Idaho.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Camping World Cons: Loy howard.

Location: Boise, Idaho

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CW told me to take my NEW RV & look over , all issues would be addressed- Almost 2/years & 20 grand later!!!! I picked it up & they snickered when they gave me the keys!

They didn’t do a dam thing!

NOTHING! On what planet is this okay?!


There are tons of folks who are having problems with this crap of a company. Why don’t you all sue these low lifes?


Because... all of us put together, don’t Have enough money to go up against a $1 billion company so they rob you, and insult your intelligence, without fear of repercussion!


Actually, I’ve contacted two attorneys, who referred me to the attorney generals office. Undoubtedly, a two grand attorney will not go against a $2 billion company.


He’s EASY to contact. He’s listed as a Active Member on “Camping World the Awful Experience “. See Mr.Lemon


I'm scared to death to make a purchase with Camping World, after reading reviews and watching YouTube videos. I'm looking at a making a purchase on a 2013 Majestic 28a, they have played games with me for two weeks.

I received a phone call saying they would meet the offer I made. When I showed up, test drove the rig. Horrific smell, really bad like something in the black tank had spilled out. Go in the office with these concerns ..

promised to take care of issue. Then the price jumped from what I was told on the phone, then the financial guy comes in tries to stick me with a ridiculous extended warranty. I'm paying cash! Don't want your warranty, just want you to stand behind the sale.

Concerned the rig has some flaw, I'm not being made aware of. So I show up unannounced to test drive the rig, after phone calls from sales that issue with smell has been addressed. Can't locate anyone to find to let me test drive rig again to check the status of the rig. Thinking about showing up again today ...

They want me to make a decision tommorow. I'm no fool, something smells about this deal literally!




You are a fool to purchase that or any other product. They have given you three examples of how they are gonna screw you. Don’t be the bait.


Same thing is happening to us. Brand New unit with minor repairs- service has had it for over 7 months.

Weekly emails to them requesting updates and in person meetings have all proven that camping world will happily take your money and then do nothing with repairs.... I really hope once we get the camper back we never have to go back.

Ever. We will never spend another penny in that business


I feel your pain but if you think Lemonis really cares, unfortunately the vast evidence on here and elsewhere indicates otherwise. In my own case during a recent purchase we passed through Camping World Asheville on our way to the East Coast and could not make a deal—get this because we waited three hours for them to try and find the keys for a test drive.

Also they were not offering enough for my trade. So we left and continued to our destination 4 hours away. We then get a call that if we come back they will give us $3000 more for the trade. I’ll make this long story short we ended up making the deal during which you are required to fill out a form on the condition of your trade.

I found it somewhat alerting when the sales person warned to make sure we list everything only to get the same alert from the finance manager. When we went in to complete paperwork the finance manager gives me a deal summary to sign. Right off the bat I see that the selling price has been raised by nearly $3000 and they had added freight. Mind you the coach we were buying was a local consignment—WHAT FREIGHT??

I got that resolved by claiming loudly somewhat was trying to perpetrate a fraud. Nextbefore we finalized paperwork here comes the sleezy sales manager with our sales person trailing behind him. He gives us an inspection report conducted by some guy in service claiming we did not list $5000 worth of damages on our trade. They claimed the roof was leaking, windows leaked and a bunch of other items that were absolutely false.

Our trade never leaked a drop-ever. But then he insults my intelligence by saying he cannot complete the deal unless we pay $500 and the insinuation was clearly that I had lied about items. I found out the next day that they pulled the exact same routine on a gentleman I met but they tried to get him to pay an extra $2000. I opened a case with the Lemonis office and got a call later from what sounded like some young intern who was obviously not interested.

I told her that Lemonis needed to know what was going on. Nothing came of this. No one offered to do anything and when I complained to the store General Manager my intelligence was further insulted by his explanations. I tried twice after that to follow up with the guy who says “if you’re not happy I am not happy” but no one returned my calls or emails from his office.

This, I believe is a pure scam disguised as a legitimate process. When they get you to the end of take ownership of a new RV they put immense pressure on you to come up with more money. I am sure there are hundred, if not thousands of people who have experienced this and I am looking for information to enjoin a class action lawsuit against Lemonis and an organization that once did feel like family to Rv enthusiasts.

At any rate that $500 is going to cost them a lot more from my actions as I am putting my story everywhere WITH CONTACT INFORMATION where people can see it. Only a heavy damages lawsuit will stop them from this scam.


I have been a customer of Camping World for many years and have received nothing but great service from them at several locations. I know many people have experienced the same. Camping World has always taken care of me.


That’s fine and I’m happy for you. However why do you think their average rating is 1.5 stars out of 5?

Have you read the many posts about Camping World? Have you read the number of issues raised by consumers vs. the number of those issues that resolved.

Only a small percentage get resolved. If you have you will quickly realize that something is wrong in that organization.


Your experience is not mine. Are you challenging what happened to us?


They had mine for 1.7 years, $20,000 in repairs. I picked it up last month.

They did a stellar job in repairs Nottttt!!!!!!!

They Didn’t even replace my burnt and charred ceiling, nothing! How do you spell Insurance Fraud?


I’ve had the same issue bought my camper in October 2019. Still waiting to bring it home after getting the run around and told lies.

Promised I would have my camper in 2019. Well it’s 10:30pm on 12/31.

Maybe next year?. Camper World of Colfax, NC is a joke.


I agree. I will never buy anything from Camping World nor Gander Mountain because they're the same POS Company.

Auto Expert

According to the Camping World reviews on PissedConsumer.com, the company currently has 1.8 out of 5 stars. The rating presented here is based on the feedback offered by customers in 1935 different Camping World reviews.

Customers are not satisfied with poor customer service, service department, and after-sales service. However, customers like a variety of campers, location, and inventory. To find a solution with Camping World, you may send a letter to the company headquarters:

250 Parkway Drive, Ste 270, Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069, United States.

You may also share your experience with Camping World customers as well as the company's top management by posting your comments via their social networks. All contact information is available on the Camping World Сustomer Service tab on the Pissed Consumer website.

Horrible customer service and no repairs done on my camper either. Ignorant amd incompetent people Work at the Summerfield/ Belview location in Florida.


They don't care, so don't expect them to. I was going to buy a class c, but my experience with Camping World has driven me to airbnb. I now rent a house wherever I go.


I agree. I will never purchase another RV either because of my experience with Camping World in Tyler TX.

I think the entire company is poorly managed. I have relatives that have also had very poor service at the Katy TX location, so it is obviously a trend of poor to bad. Sell it, and lose a bunch of money like we did. You're better off without the POS RV.

I know we are. We're still waiting on our refund on the extended warranty that covers nothing.

Stupid me, but never again. Goodbye forever Camping World.

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