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I know this is probably not the best way to get this information to you, however when I have asked for your email address and contact information it has been refused to me. I would like to inform you that my most recent purchase with CAMPING WORLD (MERIDIAN,ID) has been the worst experience of my life.

It has been a complete nightmare and I have never felt more disrespected as a customer, EVER. I feel it is necessary for you to be informed of what I have gone through and the way I have been treated by your store and staff. To make a very long story short, my wife and I bought our SECOND camp trailer from Camping World (this one being a brand new unit) on January 23rd, 2016. When we picked it up on January 30th, we noticed the couch was ripped and were told we could bring it back in 2-3 weeks to have a new one installed.

When I got the trailer home, I saw a few other issues that I wanted fixed like the table trim completed, peeling graphics replaced, and a few other minor things. After all, this was a brand new unit and I felt it should be in pristine condition. I planned on using my BRAND NEW camp trailer this month, but it has been sitting at your store until today. I feel like I was intentionally lied to about when the couch would come in just to get the sale.

Otherwise, I would have waited the 7.5 weeks for the repairs to finally get done. I asked numerous times what camping world was going to do to make it right? I had been getting the run around and multiple stories from different employees for several weeks. I threw out a few suggestions just to get nowhere and was asked by Dave if I was trying to blackmail him among a few other things.

We obviously got nowhere. I finally got to pick up my camp trailer today and I requested to talk to your local GM Loy Howard and service manager David. When I first walked into the conference room, I was blown away at how unprofessional and disrespectful they were. They would not even listen to my concerns before giving me more excuses.

Telling me that they are so busy and have so many customers that IT IS OK if they have some unhappy customers. During our whole discussion, Loy was leaning back in his chair with his feet up playing with his GRIZZLY CHEW CAN. Honeslty, how is that NOT unprofessional and disrespectful? I would not have him manage a lemonade stand, let alone a multi million dollar business.

I GUARANTEE, you have and will continue to loose more that what I was requesting to make this right with Loy Howard running this location. It is also sad, that when I asked the service tech that was with me today and who I have been dealing with, "How would you feel if you were me, have spent nearly $50,000 dollars here and am getting treated like this?" I am sure his response isn't shocking to you, but he said that he would feel the same way I do right now. Does this make you proud as a business owner? I sure hope not.

Camping World has ONE last chance to make this right and try to save face. I understand mistakes happen and things may change when dealing with warranty parts and service, but communication and honesty is key. I feel I have been lied to from day one and have received the poorest form of communication and treated with zero respect by your staff.

It is a poor way to run business when people like myself are spending their hard earned money. I expect some respect and much greater customer service than what I have received at Camping World Meridian, Idaho.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of loy howard. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of camping world manager. Camping World needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Do not go to camping world find anyone else they will (Rip you off every time over and over Again take from from a hard learner.


Yes. Im so glad you are willing to sue


We have had the same experience. Have written to Marcus twice --- physical letter and email --- never received a response.


Business must be really good when the CEO can tell Trump supporters he doesn't want their business, I can assure him of one thing, he will NEVER have my business and I hope every Trump voter feels as I do.


We all have freedom of speach.


I’ve RVing for over 25 years and always visited Camping World but, after your comment about Trump supporters, I’ll never step foot in any of you stores or online. Your no more important than I am.

I also suggest you stop supporting NASCAR Truck Series.

We’re all supporters Trump. Terry Dodgen


If you don't want Trump supporters as customers then me and my family will do business elsewhere.


I wrote to his tv show,

Saying i was a company needing help for all its bad..ofcourse name of company:

Camping world.

We shoild file a class action law suit..any lawyers out there?

Only way to get them to listen..hit them in pocket book!


What CEO in his right mind would ask that people who supported Trump not shop at Camping World? He must be crazy. I would like to hear that he has been terminated from his position at the company.

to Judith #1429928

He owns the Company, who is going to fire him??


To the CEO sent you a letter, no response from anyone..........why complain bad business. Oh never and I mean never go to the Bartow, Fl store. Terrible sums it up.


Sorry CEO has to go down the politico coward road l will terminate membership and give my dollars where appreciated beings he don't need them .


Marcus, It appears that you have bigger problems than offending half of America and most of your customers. I have listened to your video reply to the backlash you received.

You did not mention President Trump but you did mention if anyone supported or agreed to what had been said are no longer welcome in your store. ( I am paraphrasing).

We know who you were talking about. You do have a right to few speech as it is being defended by our President, police, and military.

I am sick and tired of people attesting to know more than I do. I am calling on the Board of Directors to fire you. I have an Airstream trailer as does my family. We frequent Camping World.

This weekend, I will go to Camping World in Denton, TX, tear up my card and make a big scene.

Good Luck, Marcus. You will need it.


I back my president doesn't make me a KKK supporter, neo nazi or white supremacist. I'm a baby boomer who just retired.

Purchased our last 5th wheel from Camping World and have been loyal customers. Actively looking to spend 60K or more on our retirement 5th wheel.

Won't shop here, buy insurance here or go to Good Sams RV resorts . I'll pay the 10% at a different resort.


WOW, a big sh t retailer telling YOU NOT TO SHOP IN MY STORE.?

Gee whiz, 3 new RV's and camping in good sam parks for over 50

years, $$$$ spent in Camping world, $$$$ spent in G S parks.

never never never again....& My refund ? (is in the mail)


I WILL NOT SHOP IN YOUR STORE, MY PROMISE to: marcus lemonis chairman & CEO camping world good sam parks


We are new to RV camping and bought a Thor Chateau earlier this year at Paul Sherry RV in Piqua OH (close to Dayton).

A couple of things had to be taken care of, but no problem! Our family is enjoying the RV.

Also, as new campers, we purchased a membership to GOOD SAM.

Now that CEO Marcus Lemonis has stated his views with no tolerance for a different view, so much so that we are not welcome in CAMPING WORLD, so be it! We will NEVER shop there.

Another liberal Democrat who can only tolerate his view and doesn't want those who do not agree with him to stay away from his store. Plenty of other places from which to buy camping items, RV's, etc.

Not only will we never make a purchase at Camping World (and I'm good at shopping) we also plan to cancel our Good Sam membership and return the $10 discount certificate for CAMPING WORLD.

Mr. Lemonis, there is another WORLD out here in America and a lot of us -- those you despise -- go camping.


Camping world Ceo is an *** and I will never shop there again he can eat his political opinions. Thanks for letting us know how you feel about half of your customers.


2017 Keystone Hideway bought March this year entire inside flooded from different issues , mold will start soon . Camping World in Caleira, Al and Macon Ga.

Sales managers Tell me they will call me back . Never happens. Brand new RV doors falling off press wood swelling. I set 2 appointments they claim no record.

Worst *** customer service ever going to higher a lawyer to over see exchange. Do not trust them you will get screwed.

They were out right ugly to my wife from get go and tried to rip her off for 8500.00 more than I got it for. They are liars and scam artist of the highest caliber mean while I sit and pay a RV note for a Mobil swimming pool of mold.


I experienced the same thing with Camping World in Syracuse NY. We bought our second trailer, a brand new unit and found the same problems - sawdust everywhere, drawers open on transit, trim falling from ceiling, peeling faux wood on cabinets, improper wiring on slides, inspection paperwork missing, was supposed to have bluetooth radio and it was a standard radio, missing trim on cabinets - I could go on but you get the point.

I was promised callbacks that never happened, they were supposed to pick up the trailer "first thing" in the morning and they didn't come until afternoon, told they would have trailer for 2 days and it turned into 4. They took the trailer in THREE times and still did not resolve all issues. I will NEVER buy a trailer from Camping World again.

Ever. Such blatant disregard for after the sale service.

Summerfield, Florida, United States #1332607

I've read most of the reviews on this forum I must say I'm not suprised as a former employee I left this corporation on my own free will on the fact I could not bear the diseit to the public that goes on within this company when management orders you to be untruthful time to leave. The CEO is a coward the managers are just his pawns good luck

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