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We took our 5th wheel to camping world in Charleston sc, they had it for 7 weeks! Some of the siding blew off the camper on the front left side!

Our insurance adjuster told us to take it to them, said they do a good job! Well we didn't have a choice but to take it to them because all the other places we could take it were far off! We already didn't like this camping world because they are always rude there. They wrote on our paperwork no rush which we didn't say!

Also we didn't call and bother them until the 6th week asking when it was going to be ready! They said it wasn't ready do to the hurricane which was a lie they had it 3 weeks before the hurricane! So the lady I talked to said it would be ready on Tuesday never called and told us for sure that it was ready so we finally called back and asked on the thursday after she had said it would be ready! My husband went and picked it up that Thursday afternoon and it was dark so he didn't really get to look at it good!

On Friday he looked at it and the camper is all messed up and terrible work! They didn't even put all the screws in so I don't know how he didn't loose the front hull of the camper, they didn't clean the old caulking off of the camper on the front lip or the window they had to take out. The also didn't even caulk the front so water can get in and the way they put caulking behind the window on top of the old caulking water can get in the camper through the window too. The put a piece of wood where they had to cut the camper on the side to fix because they didn't take the whole side off and fix it with one piece they patched it, they didn't even take two seconds to cut the piece of the wood at the top so where they pulled the rubber roof back over to caulk it isn't flush with the camper so now water can get in there because they didn't caulk where the piece of wood goes up and one foot on each side!

They do horrible work and to have had my camper for 7 weeks there is no excuse for this! We called them to tell them and they told us to bring the camper in and they would work with us to get it right, but we in return told them to get someone out to our house and pick it up! So today they had someone pick it up! I think they should have to fix the camper and fix it right plus give us a store credit, they had it for 7 weeks and its a horrible job done on my camper!

This cost $4000 and as bad as it looks it looks like it shouldn't have even cost $4!

I am writing this review on here, I'm blasting it all over facebook and calling my insurance adjuster and sending him pictures so he doesn't refer anyone else to them because they suck at customer service and they have no pride in their work! I am beyond ticked this is horrible!

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3700.

Preferred solution: I think they should fix it right and give me either money back or a big store credit..

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