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I took my 2001 Beaver in to have the air conditioner repaired would not blow cold air.I Have United States Warranty insurance.I picked it up after about a week. It was cool that day so I wasn't able to check it out until the next outing.Did not blow cold air.

I made an appointment,took it back in to have them fix it correctly.It cost $1200.00 the first time They replaced the regulator valve and some other things??? They informed me that it would cost $1400.00 this time Because the fitting at the compressor was leaking. Which means they had to replace the flex hose that ran from the rear of the vehicle to the front of vehicle, hose $500.00 and that the labor would an additional $900.00 for labor. I told them that I would not pay for the extra.

I told them I wanted my money back that I would not have paid that much to have the air conditioner fixed. Total 2600.00 dollars. So I paid 2600.00 and never got it fixed.

I came home checked it out installed a high pressure clamp on the fitting and it is fixed. Works fine if you know more than the mechanic that couldn't fix it!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Warranty.

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