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Not only does the service such....so does the managment that does not practice the company values and treats thier employees like *** and take complete advantage of quality people. Working salaried people like dogs and forcing them to live at work and if you dont work 6 days a week and 70 hours your job is on the line.

And also if your not kissing the *** of managment ....your going no where. Double standards, what is good for one....someone else will get wrote up for... If your looking for job stability and a career path...do not work for this place. Its a shame the people who run these stores dont practice the values of the people that own them.

The founder of camping world that recently passed is probably rolling over in his grave completely ashamed of the leadership running these stores. They dont care about the people at all, they only care about money not realizing that if you care about the people....people will care about their jobs and be way more productive and the numbers will show themselves.

Treat your people like *** and they dont care either ...they come to make a paycheck. Sad that companys allow human adults to be treated this way.

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