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In July I scheduled an appointment to have a washer and dryer installed in my coach. The sales person sold me what they referred to as the top of the line splindide stackable unit. Nearly thre weeks later, they completed the two hour job the next morning I left for South Dakota.

To my surprise, the first time I attempted to dry a load of clothes the clothes did not dry. It took three cycles for a small load to dry. Upon my return to Texas, I scheduled an appointment to have the dryer evaluated. However, I was informed that these dryers often take several cycles to dry a load . I know this is not true because I had the same brand in an older coach. After I insisted they check it out, they determined that the heating element is defective. This diagnosis took another 3 weeks.

I was told the manufacture would cover the cost of the part but I would be responsible for the labor of removal and re installation of the dryer. This despite the fact that I just payed them to install the new unit. They take responsibility for selling a defective product. I will not purchases any further items from camping world, and will not allow the

M perform Znyone service work on my coach.

I will have a banner made and affixed to my vehicle expressing my dissatisfaction. In fact, I intend to hire someone , 8 hrs a day, to drive up and down the feeder road in front of the business. I hope I cost them thousands in business. They are not concerned with doing the right thing or taken care of customers .DO NOT PATRONIZE Camping World of Katy

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My name is Craig Brazeman. To my knowledge, I am the only Craig Brazeman there is.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I have worked in the legal industry for nearly 30 years. I have never been involved with Camping World. I have never had anything to do with the sale and/or installation of washers or dryers of any kind.

I have never worked on or worked with coaches of any kind. It is my hope the author will remove this post and recreate their review identifying the correct person for which they have issues.

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