Camping world Okc, Ok. Don't take your trailer to the shop there.

They have had our 5th wheel all summer long fixing things that it wasn't even taken in for. They have ruined our summer. The same old story week after week waiting on parts. Wrong parts or defective parts arrived wait on parts, wait on parts, wait on parts.

We are waiting on a decal what for I don't know. Our only conclusion is that while it's in there it was involved in an accident but they don't know how it happened? I am so sick to my stomach dealing with these people. Jayco should be ashamed of their selves to let Camping World abuse their name.

No one at Camping World cares. We called the CEO Marcus had to leave a message never had the decency to return my call. I guess his response was the form letter with his signature stating that he noticed we did not buy a cover for our 5th wheel? Ha!

THEY HAVE RUINED OUR SUMMER on a 5th wheel we purchased from them not even 1 year ago. NEVER GO TO CAMPING WORLD FOR ANYTHING. They are the most unreliable, uncompassionate, underhanded so called business I have ever had to deal with. I think I may start shopping around for an attorney because it sounds like they damaged my trailer and my family is being put out ALL SUMMER LONG by their carelessness, not to mention causing damage to our less than 1 year old 5th wheel.

To *** with Camping World.

THEY SUCK. Kathy & Lyle Braun

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WE will never use cw again they suck and I don't blame you for getting a lawyer and sue them for the way they treat peoples we he have use another dealer and they are the same way we have hired a lawyer to take care of the issue we have with this company... they all a rip off......

Norman, Oklahoma, United States #877862

I agree, they are indeed the most unreliable, uncompassionate, underhanded so called business I have ever had to deal with.

My experience was recent also and their service in all departments is absolutely pathetic.

What a sorry bunch !!!

And they call themselves a reputable business. :>(

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