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My wife and I tried working a deal on a fifth wheel at the Conway Nh store,place seems to be understaffed and always to busy to return your call.We got the financing but had to come up with a few thousand to close the deal,I called up there to make an appointment to see how much cash I exactly needed and when I got the salesman he told me "I don't want to run circles with you and you can't afford this trailer so stop waisting my time I am busy".First of all I probably make 3x the salesmanship salary and who is he to judge me and tell me I don't have any money for a down payment,jokes on you Jerry Dodge if you didn't talk over me and down to me you would of known I was on my way there to pay for it Happy shopping else where

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Careful of the Conway, NH store bait and switch!Group of freaking thieves sales and manager not to be trusted Shop Elsewhere!

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