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Buying your rv from this dealership is a huge mistake. I purchased mine brand new from them 7 months ago.

I did a walk through prior to purchase and made note of multiple issues wrong with the rv. These issues were noted on a we owe and were all signed off by the guy who does the contracts. 7 months these issues still have not been fixed. For the first 2 months I was told they were super backed up but once the parts arrived we'd be able to move forward.

Suddenly it turned out they hadn't ordered the parts and the employee who had signed the we owe technically "wasn't supposed to have signed off" without the head guy there. So a few months go by with no progress because they are "talking with corporate". Meanwhile I'm calling them at least once a week typically more frequently and my calls are never returned and answers are not forthcoming. The tv fell partially off the wall because it wasn't properly attached so I took it to them to reattach.

They reattached it with the buttons inaccessible because they had the tv laying on the shelf. A drawer hadn't been fully attached in assembly and I had missed it during the initial walk through but found it a few days later. After much hemming and hawing I was able to get it taken care of but "the fix" involved screwing the drawer such that it didn't open. Additionally one of the initial issues was that the shade was broken in the back.

The biggest window that allows you to see outside. They attempted to fix it and ripped it partially out of the wall during the fix and then tried to use the slide and broke the valance. I was then told my rv was ready for me and the slide was still out and saw what had happened but when I went to ask for some sort of fix was told all the techs had already gone home.

I was left sitting in the parking lot with a slide that wouldn't close a broken valance and no way to talk to anyone from camping world about it so I ended up having to remove the thing myself. I have a good number of other issues on the rv that should be covered under warranty but I'm terrified to bring the rv back to camping world because of what they will break next.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thor Motor Coach Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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