Hi, I would like to share an experience that my girlfriend and I had at Camping World in Hanover Pa. We spent several months looking for a tent camper, on 10/12/13 (Saturday) we drove up to Camping World in Hanover Pa.

to look at a 2007 Jayco tent camper that was advertised for $3,999.When we got there a salesman by the name of Lou Astuto showed us several tent campers and when we looked at the Jayco tent camper the price on the camper was $4,999. I asked him why it was 1,000 more than advertised online, after doing some research Lou discovered that the Jayco we were looking at was a 2009 and he had no idea where the 2007 Jayco was but he told us not to worry because he could sell us the 2009 for the same price. Well after filling out some paper work Lou came back into his office and said he couldn't sell us the camper for $3,999, he told us that we could have it for $4,300. My girlfriend I talked for a few minutes and decided we would buy it for the $4,300 so we filled out all the paperwork and Lou took our $1,500 down payment (Check) and our licenses and went to make copies of them, when he returned he told us that he got his butt chewed out for marking the camper down to $4,300.He told us everything was fine and not to worry.

I explained to Lou we really wanted to go camping the following weekend and he reassured us that we would have the camper by the beginning of the week. Monday came and we realized it was Columbus Day and the banks were all closed, Tuesday came and we called Lou and he informed us the Finance manager was not in but he again assured us that everything was fine. (by the way, the $1,500 down payment that we made by check was cashed that same Tuesday). Wednesday we called Camping World and were told that Lou was not in and to call back Thursday.

Thursday my girlfriend called in at lunch time and guess what, Lou told her that he was still waiting to hear from the bank, when I got home from work I called Lou and he told me that he hadn't heard back from the bank and the Finance manger was not in AGAIN!. I told Lou that I heard enough excuses and that we wanted our money back. He told me no problem, he told me that he was going to walk over to the finance office and request our money back. I asked Lou how they could legally cash our down payment check before the deal was done.

Guess what he told us, that whenever a down payment is made it gets sent to corporate and cashed right away because that's company policy. Well here's where this experience gets me really angered. It is now 10/29/13 and we still do not have our money. It’s been 17 days since we wrote that check and we still don't have our money back.

We have called Lou, we have called the finance manager, we have called Corporate and guess what, that's right, we are still waiting for our money. We were told on 10/24/13 that a check would arrive in our mail box on 10/25 or 10/26 at the latest, guess what , no check. Today (10/29/13) my girlfriend called and guess what she was told, it should be in our mail by tomorrow. I'm not a betting man but I am willing to bet you that $1,500 dollars, I'll bet you that we don't get that check tomorrow.

We told the gentleman today at Camping World that we are through calling them to see where out money is. Our next step will be letting our attorney handle this.

By the way, Camping World has not only lost us as a customer because of this, a good friend of mine who was considering buying a camper from Camping World has decided to take his business else where. Well there's my story, I bet it doesn't get posted on CampingWorld.com

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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I too are waiting on a refund from a "holding deposit " they required but after the price went up almost $10000 we said forget it! Same story, it will be returned asap!

Still waiting after 10 days! To anyone looking to buy an rv don't go there.

They insist on you financing thru their banks for the longest time, add on prepping fees,instruction fees , ect. Watch out & run away!

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #1216522

We were approved through a personal bank for 50k rv. Went in for one fully expecting to leave with one.

They refused to let me buy it unless I let their bank try to beat mines value.

After all the 2nd they said we'd have to do a down payment to even find out their rates! So happy we walked out!


Yes it got posted that just makes me gossomewhere else Itravel the uUnited States cause of my job I will and won't be buying any kind of rRVs from them


Was this ever resolved?


I had problems there also. They make excuses and don't offer any solutions,shame on them!...

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #735800

Betting you never do get the check in the mail.....best get that attorney....or drive up there and stand on the managers desk

East Berlin, Pennsylvania, United States #735798

Well here it is the 31st of Oct. an we still dont have our money back. We gave the check on the 12 th

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