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I purchased a new Outdoors RV camp trailer from Camping World on November 2016, and used it a few times. The second time out the rear leveling jack would not retract with either the remote, or toggle switch in the front storage compartment.

The jacks are electric, and would extend, but the rear would not retract, other than manually. I had a few other minor issues, so in August I made an appointment at Camping World to have these taken care of. I wanted to get it done so I could use it after the Labor Day weekend, and before the warranty expired. A week after taking it in I called for a status, and they never returned my phone call, so I went in.

They told me that they had not looked at it yet, and would let me know as soon as they fixed it. I ask why they hadn't done anything, when I make an appointment for the prior week, and the service guy told me that an appointment was to get me a drop off time, where they would put me in line to be worked on when they got to it. I had the impression that other non-warranty work was prioritized first, as it paid more money. After over five weeks, with repeated phone calls, and several visits they finally told me that they had looked at it, and determined that it was the toggle switch, which they didn't have, and would have to order, and I could pick-up and install it myself, as it was relatively easy to replace.

I had my doubts that the switch was the culprit, because the jack functioned the same with switch or the remote, but I followed their instruction. I picked-up the switch the following week and replaced it, and just as I thought, it didn't solve the problem!! I took it back to them, because I wanted it fixed on warranty, and again after another four and one-half weeks they finally told me that they looked at it, and it worked. According to them, it just started working, and they logged it as interment.

They told me that if and when it quit again I should bring it back, and they would try and fix it. Why would I ever want to bring it back to such a bunch of absolute incompetents with the non-customer servicer attitudes they have?? After a total of 9 weeks, numerous visits and phone calls, changing the switch myself, and extremely poor communication from them, I will never step my foot inside there again. I do not understand how a place like this is actually able to stay in business.

The only thing they want to do is sell RV's, and do pay for service at super-high price rates.

I needed some parts to finish outfitting my unit, and found a independent RV shop, which I really like. When I told me of my experience with Camping World, they said that they had many customers that had come to them because of similar or worse experience with Camping World, and found that as a good source of business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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