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On 3/11/11 we dropped our camper off at Camping World Byron, GA to have water damage repaired. We explained to the service desk associate that we had a water leak and needed to have it repaired. She explained that it would cost approx. $3000 because the couch, step, and cabinet below the slide inside the camper would have to be removed. (This would be the first lie that we would be told) We approved the repair, and on 4/16/11 we picked up our camper and paid. $3205.55 minus coupons totaling 547.00. The bill of broke down to be $2608 for labor and $558 for parts. We were happy to have our camper back, and thought we were satisfied with the repair.

We used the Camper in June 2011, and again in October 2011. On the October trip, in the middle of the night, the camper jerked. Later that day, my husband noticed that the slide room was leaning abnormally. He began poking around to see what was wrong. He found an access door inside the cabinet underneath the slide room. Upon moving this door he found that the pulley bracket had pulled out of the wall. One of the screw heads was rusted off, and the wood appeared to be splintered and rotten. He also saw that the board the pulley bracket was attached to had been cut down the middle.

On December 28, 2011 we returned the camper to Camping World Byron, GA. And I stated that I was not satisfied with the work done in April. And that the water damage had not been fully repaired. Kim explained to me the "She did not work here in April." We left the camper. She explained that she would call us to let us know what was going on. Her comment that she did not work here in April, made me a little confused. I did not matter to me whether she worked there in April or not, because I was doing business with camping world, and the company was there in April. Therefore I decided to take a few photos of the cut board.

On, January 10th, I received a voice mail from Kim, and I called her back at 4:42 pm. She explained that the current damage had been caused because there was not emergency stop on the slide room (LIE- there is a big piece of wood that stops the slide), and that no screws were rusty(LIE), and not lack of repair in April. She stated that she had the screws. She also explained that "Someone had re-wired our slide room backwards." (LIE- if a motor was rewired backwards it would not work) I asked her how this happened because Camping World(Byron, GA) had been the only service department to work on our camper. She also explained that they had found a service tech that had worked on our camper, and said that he said all of the work done on our camper in April had been done to the outside of the coach (Not what we were told in April). She explained to me that her service tech had 8 hours in the camper and we needed to make a decision on what we were going to do. I asked he how much the repair was going to cost and she said she would have to call me back. I never received a call with an estimate.

On Feb. 7th, I received a voice message from Kim that said:

"Mrs. Mixon, this is Kim from Camping World, my service manager asked me to give you a call. We really need to make a decision on this camper. Could you please give me a call and schedule an appointment for you to come in and see what we are dealing with. "

I still had not received a phone call with an estimate.

On Feb 10th, My husband and I made the decision to go and pick the camper up to take it somewhere else to be fixed. Because we were unsatisfied with the repair in April, and the diagnosis of the new damage, and felt that we were being Lied to and mislead.

When we arrived at Camping world on Feb 10th, Kim explained that we had a problem and did someone forget to give her a message. She said that there was a $1500 ticket on the coach. I asked if the camper was fixed and she said "NO." (LIE) My husband asked to see the manager, and she said that we would have to come back on Monday . My husband asked to see the general manager. We explained the problem to the General Manager, and he agreed the $1500 ticket on a coach that had not been repaired was not right.

We left camping world building and walked into the parking lot, and decided that we wanted to see the state of our camper. We walked back into the store and asked to see the camper. A different service tech walked us to see the camper. When we opened the camper door, we learned that the board that was cut in half when we brought the camper in has indeed been replaced and the slide motor was gone. Work had been done on the camper, Lied to again. I noticed a screw laying on the sink, picked it up, showed it to the service tech and asked "This isn't rust?" He replied "Yes" Lied to again. My husband took some photos and we left camping world to travel home.

Just after leaving camping world, (about 5 minutes) I received a phone call from Kim, she stated that "She had spoken to her service manager, and work had been done on the coach." No joke we saw that . she said"that the gears on the motor had been stripped, and we need to get a motor ordered. What did we want to do?" She offered no estimate of what it would cost. I asked to let me talk to my husband, and we would either call her or back or come back up to camping world.

We decided to print both the photos that I took on 12/28, and the photos that my husband took on 2/10, and return to camping world. We asked to speak to the General Manager. We showed him our pictures proving that we had been lied to on several occasions, and he said that he could not do anything until his service Manager arrived on Monday. We made an appointment for 9:30 am Monday Morning.

On Monday, Feb 13th we arrived at camping world and had a meeting with Kim, the service desk clerk, The service Manager, and the general manager. We explained what was happening. Kim the service Clerk said that I had not called her back. That was a lie. She had never called me with an estimate. The service Manager said that she had authorized the repairs that had been made to the camper and we were not responsible for the $1500 ticket on the camper. The service manager explained that there was no water damage to the coach, and she had the wood to show us, and that the gears in the motor had been stripped. (We agree that the gears where probably stripped due to the fact that the slide had to be pushed back in to return home in OCT- DUE TO THE BREAK/WATER DAMAGE). My father asked if Camping World believed that they were capable of making the repairs, and the Service Manager Assured him that they had a new staff and they were indeed capable of making repairs. I asked how much would it cost to fix it, The service manager looked at Kim, and she said she did not know that the parts places do not open until 9. We asked for an estimate, and she said that she(the service manager) would call us today with an estimate- Proof that she had lied about calling me. My husband asked to see the wood that had been removed from the camper. INDEED, it had water stains on it, and what looked like water damage to me. Lied to Again.

Later in the afternoon Kim called me and said that she had an estimate, and I asked if she would put it in writing for us to pick up later that afternoon, and I told her that the estimate sounded fair, and to please order the parts and repair the camper. I also explained that my husband would like to come and inspect the camper after the repair had been made, and before the camper was put back together.

In late Feb, I received a phone call that the parts company had sent them the wrong part, and the repair was going to take a little longer. I believe that Kim ordered the wrong part, but I cannot prove that.

On Mar 2nd, Kim called and said that the camper was repaired and ready to be inspected do that it could be put back together, and finished. My husband visited camping world, and made sure that ALL rusty screws had been replaced. He could not check to see that the slide was operating correctly because the electrical was not connected yet. He said that the work done looked sufficient, and instructed them to continue.

On Monday, Mar 12th I received a phone call informing me that our camper was repaired and ready for pick- up. Kim also explained that she had them to detail our camper inside and outside for our troubles. Thanks you, and I explained to her that it would be Saturday before my husband could come a pick it up.

On Saturday, Mar 17th, my husband went to camping world to pick up our camper. He paid the bill which came to $859, and went outside to hook it up to our vehicle. He had a blown fuse, that had to be replaced, and camping world supplied that part free of charge. After repairing that, He began checking the camper's repairs. He noticed that the slide would not properly go in and out. Our camper indeed was not repaired correctly. He notified the Service Manager, who had the service tech get on our camper immediately. My husband remained at camping world for the next 6 hours watching them correctly fix the slide cables, and motor. According to the documentation that I have from Camping World, their hourly rate is $111 dollars an hour. I think they should pay my husband the $666 for 6 hours of supervisory work.

I am not sure that the camper is properly fixed, because none of our experiences at Camping World have given me the impression that they are CAPABLE of fixing our camper, or being HONEST. And when I inspected the camper, I noticed that one side of the outside of the camper had indeed been washed, but not the other 3. The inside had not been touched. She had lied to me again. I understand that I had not asked them to detail it, but if you say you are going to do something, especially after our experience you would make sure that it was done.

Our experience at camping world for lasted 12 months. I am not sure that Camping World in Byron, GA (Listed on the site as Macon, GA) is capable of handling repairs. I have been lied to many times by the service tech Kim, and felt that Camping would did not see it as a problem. I will not be returning to camping world for service again. The repairs to my camper cost me $2658.50 in April 2011, and $859.00 in March 2012. I paid for the motor and labor to install, but I still believe that I would not have had the $859.00 bill if the camper was properly repaired the first time. I have phone records, photographs, voice messages, estimates, and service documentation (yes the were *** enough to give me a copy) to prove the issues that I had.

Monetary Loss: $3600.

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So where is a good place to take your camper to have work done ?

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #1210658

Down here in Texas at the Katy store , your story sounds exactly like mine. Lesson I have learned now is never trust camping world to be customer orientated regarding repairs...in other words.

STAY AWAY. Wayne an Sandy


you guys *** about anything, why not enjoy the time you have with your family and stop looking for things to *** about

Macon, Georgia, United States #891288

We bought a 2014 Thor Axis from Camping World of Byron. When we first test drove it a check engine light was on and we were told by the CW sales person that it was due to the gas cap not being correctly tightened.

The engine light was off for the first 20 miles when driving it home after purchase, then it reappeared and has been on ever since causing the unit to remain in the shop. Camping world tells us it is a Ford problem - or a Thor problem but not their problem. The Ford dealer has spent much time trying to fix it to no avail. Thor has been of no assistance to date.

So we have a fully paid for new RV that we cannot take on a trip and little hope for having it fixed.

The Byron CW sales manager told us we didn't want to know what he would be able to give us on it as a trade so that tells me we would lose a lot of money trying to trade it in. And we can't sell it!

So what are we to do now? I personally recommend you NOT buy from this Camping World!

Byron, Georgia, United States #859590

Retired now and ready to buy a camper and travel. Saved enough money to pay cash for whatever my wife and I pick out, but won't be spending it at Camping World.

When I asked to see the campers the salesman wanted us to step into a sales office so he could get all of our private information first.

I told him that I would provide this information if I decided to buy something but not just to look around. We were shown the way out and treated as if we had just commented a crime.

Byron, Georgia, United States #859583

Aggressive sales personal. If you want to look at campers alone with just your spouse it will not happen.

All campers are locked up to prevent self shopping.

I fully understand protecting the campers but I don't think two 65 year old people would be much of a threat. When we wanted to look around without a salesman following use like a puppy we were shown the exit.

to Donald Warner Robins, Georgia, United States #1127368

Insurance purposes require a walk around: if you "fell" and tried to sue, or if you broke something and never said anything....


Do not try to buy anything there. The sales manager is horrible


similar bad service...screwed up the camper...incompetent service ...don t take your camper to Camper World Byron....

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