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My wife an I went to camping world in Chattanooga Tennessee to look at class a mother homes. The one that we had seen advertised was not of interest to us so we we were going out the door an the salesman said I have a 2013 winnabgo that I would like to show you.

My wife went on to the car an I went to see the coach. Well I couldn't get it off my mind so we went back to see if we could make a deal. We did reach an agreement an we were so excited to be getting a 2013 coach well a week later they called an said everything was ready to be there in an hour we arrived at 1:00 pm an at 6:00 we were still waiting on the finance mananger . she was so max because she said she didn't no we were coming fussed the whole time how hungry she was.all the time didn't offer to explain the papers she was risking well at 8:00pm we were unloading our coach an they were selling it as we were giving out stuff out.

On our way we went to Florida on Monday morning I.called our insurance co to switch the coach when I gave her the ven# the insurance co said sir that is a 2010 I passed out. Called camping world an they said we signed the papers which we did I trusted the salsman .came home went to talk to the manager he had nothing to say except the salesman was out of town.

He would check it out and give me all back .I haven't heard from them. My wife ash the finance mgmt why we didn't get a better interest rate an it being a 2013 she didn't answer is this the way you train your people?

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I would like to apologize for all the problems you have experienced. If able please send me a email with your contact information.

We would like help in this matter.


to GoodSamCareTeam Jacksonville, Florida, United States #904155

Hi Mark, Maybe you could help me resolve my problem, I purchased a item online 2 months ago and have not received the merchandise. I have made several calls to customer service with no results.

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