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We bought our 5th wheel camper from Camping World in February 2015. When we initially looked, the camper was parked so close to other campers that the slide out could not be extended. During the walk thru we noticed the water heater door was missing, the plug wire needed fixed and the battery was junk. Mike Mattei was our salesman and at first we had a good impression. He said by time we picked up the door would be replaced, plug fixed and a good battery. He assured us there was no water damage and we didn't visually see any. We went back two weeks later to do a final walk thru and after calling us to see why we weren't there yet... Mike informed us the slide out broke so they would have to keep it and get it fixed. But in return they would deliver it. After two more weeks of no word, my husband happened to be on Craigslist looking at campers and saw our camper back on Craigslist for sale!! He called Mike and he claimed he had no idea what happened, I called to speak to a manager. I was told only sales people put campers on Craiglist and the manager said he would get an answer on the status for us by the end of the day. Mike called back, let us know delivery would be that following week.

My husband was planning to come home early from work to help the driver set the camper so I had him call the day of just to verify it was really being delivered. Mike informed him that it wasn't coming that day. One truck broke down and the other truck was on its way back from Cali. I skipped over our sales guy and called the manager to see what the deal was. I couldn't believe Camping World had only one driver. It's true. And the sales manager assured me it would be delivered the next week when the driver returned.

Finally, it was delivered on the day promised. The driver was fantastic! They did put a new water heater door on but did not get us a good battery or fix the plug. There was also now a hole in the door going into the camper. But the slide out does work.

Now. After the first spring rain that lasted for a few days, we walked in the camper to find wet walls. Long story short, the entire back wall is riddled on the inside with mold... there is no way we can use it until the entire roof is replaced and the back end is repaired. It was definitely something they knew about but covered up. After countless calls and messages, no one will return our calls. We will have more in repairs than we paid for the *** thing. Today we FINALLY got a call back but not with good news. According to the General Manager at this location "We do not inspect trade-ins, we just throw it on the lot and sell it" THEN told us we could bring our mold riddled camper back and trade it in for another unit, and kindly told us we could finance the difference. Are you serious!? Finance a camper when I paid cash for this one... AND trade in for another moldy mess on your lot!? No thanks. Please, if you consider a purchase from them... Especially USED, know that they haven't inspected it and that when they guarantee that it's in "great shape" means absolutely nothing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Sales Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Delivery driver.

I didn't like: Unreturned phone calls, Disrespect from management, Bad customer service, Poor follow up.

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We bought a new 31ft camper from them and had issues. The flooring was coming up and we couldn't get the oven to light.

The way they fixed the oven was put a piece of paper towel in the knob to make it push in all the way.

The flooring they said they fixed but it has all curled up and cracked so my husband has replaced it. Other than them not having a remote repair person to come service ours when we need it we've enjoyed the camper for the past 8 years.


Dicks. I would have driven that camper right back and told them to shove it where the sun don't shine...

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