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I was told to take my Heartland Gateway to Chichester NH store for a ton of warrenty work . First time was lied to and misinformed .

Some stuff was fixed , some I was BS on . Took it back to get the rest worked on and was told yes we can handle these repairs . I decided to move forward with the reoairs . I waited a month after dropping it off and after 5 differant service personel involved in the talks with Heartland and myself it was passed on to a manager who stated since you have so many repairs I will be handling your trailer .

Well time moved on to no avail . I contacted Heartland and " surprise " after one month no new repair request were sent to them . I contacted Camping World and yes got no response . I then contacted corporate who asked where it was .

I told them to have a Rep from NH get in touch with me . I told them I would rather not as I fear more issues with the service . They in turn told me they could not help without a location . Reluctantly I gave it to them .

Well the next day I got an email from the manager which stated ( we finished the origional repairs and feel its in your best interest to send it back to factory ) . Well I facebooked Camping World and slammed them . I received a message asking for contact info so they could reach me . I graciously provided it ( over a week ago ) and as all Camping World dealings ( yes you guessed it ) no response !

All you get is someone will get in touch with you or we expedited your problem . I wish Maurice was available cause I bet he would fire everyone for creating a *** sandwich with the Camping World name on it !

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Rome, New York, United States #1276072

Believe me, Marcus knows and does not care. He is the biggest phony I have ever seen.

His TV shows make him look like a saint, but I worked for him and he could care less about any of his employees or their well being or families. His entire management team are so $ driven that they have forgotten about the human aspect of employing people. He is a bully through and through. Do business as far away from Camping World as possible and pass the word around.

They stole $25,000 from me ( a former employee) and I got the same treatment you and everyone else gets..."we'll get back to you." And I was ignored. Absolute *** of the earth!

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