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Camping World - Drive Right on by. 5 of 5 people found it helpful
I would like to let you know that the service department at your Jackson, MS store is the worst of all the locations I've been to. I was lied to and I have voicemails on my phone that I am keeping just to have proof. I had numerous things that needed addressed on my 2016 Forest River 5th wheel and all I got actually done was my wheel bearings packed. The service manager, Jimmy, was no help and actually lied to me and your finance manager. He...
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  • Big jack is the only person who actually wants to help you
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  • This place is a joke
  • Lies and mistruths
I took my Rv to camping world in June 2,2016 for warranty work. I was assured that all the work could and would be done at this this business!!!! I requested work be done in 2 months, starred the fact I live in Rv for wok reason my Rv has been sitting on their lot for 5 months now and no work has been completed!!!! I went every month to check on the work and was told working on it and waiting parks... Well 4 months has went by I want by and was...
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We purchased a new 2014 Itasca Sunstar from a dealer in California (prices were WAY better than in Utah) and drove it home to Utah in November, 2013. In the spring of 2014, during our first camping trip in the coach, we had problems with the automatic leveling system. It would error and say "unable to complete leveling" and "return for service". We contacted Camping World since they were the only local authorized dealer for our coach in our...
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We took our camper thinking we would be able to bring it back within a couple of weeks. NO phone call after a few weeks, so we call to inquire. Oh they sent the wrong size so we had to reorder. I told them "thanks, now our dresser wood is soft at the bottom because of the water leaking around the window, so how long is that going to take to fix???" This was our first experience buying a camper. Poor post customer service will ruin a business. I...
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Purchased a new THOR Class C RV 2016 model. Before we used the RV I had to take it back in for service. The RV traveled all over the road. at this time I was told I needed to have a steering unit installed this was $500.00 more. I Took it in for service after out first trip to Belleville Ill. We where on the road for two an a half months, At this time I found over 9 items that needed to be fixed. I Set up an Service visit the following week...
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After freezing to death the first night trying to sleep due to having to leave the unit on low cool mode all night, I decided I would take it back to Camping World in Garner, NC, where I bought my Motorhome, and have a normal adjustable thermostat installed that would cut on and off at the desired temperatures that I select. The parts guy there, Michael Justice, there told me that the parts shouldn't cost but about $65 and labor involved to...
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I had a new roof air unit put on my motorhome.The "best techs" in the business were assigned. After three hours of a simple replacement they informed me that entire motorhome needed to be rewired. I ended up, much to their chagrin, going out and wiring the unit myself! Then I noticed that they had plugged the coach into their 110 shop outlet with a number 18 light weight extension cord. It kept blowing the breaker. I told the tech to pick up the...
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Camping World - A poor exuse for a
I called the service manager first thing this morning and rather than offering to replace my TV, he gave me the run around that Camping World was not responsible for the missing items and offered the phone number for the local police dept. attached is a photo. If you opened this camper and saw this, wouldn't you contact the customer to let them know? Camping World, I hope someone from your company reads this because you all, at least your KC...
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Anderson Camping World is a major rip-off! We brought our coach and to have some repairs done to it, and they ended up charging us $2,300 for doing almost nothing, and held our coach captive for three weeks. As it is an older coach, we had their 45 point inspection, which is only 43 points, and they failed to do 13 of the points on their list. Then they turned around and double charged me for an LP inspection, which is included in their 45-point...
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I will never walk in camping world again! I've never been so disgusted with a service dept in my life! I needed a repair done to my toilet which I took into the service dept and theyREFUSED to repair it because they couldn't guarantee it forever! Give me a frigging break. It was a $15.00 part which they happily sold me but would NOT install it! I explained that I needed it repaired because I was living in the rv and I certainly didn't need or...
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