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After 9 weeks of excuses the were only able to get the shocks put on and the airbags installed. for a cost of $1400. The original estimate was alot less and their untruthfulness from the service people to the sales manager is something they are trained to do. NEVER do any business with camping world because they don't care about the customer. There only interest is how much they can stick the consumer for. This place promises to keep you informed but they never do. Go some place else and read reviews and tell your RV...
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Avondale AZ Camping World service dept. is the worst I have ever seen. They dont answer the phone, quote wrong prices and seem so busy that everyone is miserable. I am sure I will never return. The worst part is we bought a 2016 Thor and the service dept and sales fought the hole time we were there. These dept in the same building is not a good idea. I also feel I was charged way too much for labor installing new batteries. No one ever told us...
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I liked
  • Sales people
I didn't like
  • Customer service
i purchased a 2 new power awnings for my motorhome to be installed and I paid for them two months ago and took my motorhome in twice for a total of 18 hours and only removed the big awning. I've been given every excuse in the book and they don't even call back. This is in the Longmont Colorado store. I'm 78 years old and in that length of time I could have installed them myself. I have purchased awnings before and had them installed with no...
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I didn't like
  • Service
  • Service not done in time communicated