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We purchased a 2015 XLR Thunderbolt toy hauler from Richmond, Indiana. We have had nothing but trouble since we bought it. Our first trip to Florida was the beginning of all the problems when we went to shower and the shower leaked all over the floor. Our entire vacation was spent soaking up water. We purchased the washer and dryer combo and our first time using it the water overflowed everywhere. Some of the things were minor like trim falling off etc. Our biggest complaint was the front door. It never shut properly from the day we purchased it. After a couple of trips we pulled into Richmond to see if we could get the door fixed and the second set of awning lights that didn't work. They had it for 3 weeks. When we were ready to *** again we visited the service dept. only to find that nothing had been done. My began talking to one of the service techs when a man "Victor" showed up to take a look. This *** had the audacity to tell my husband that it looked like someone dropped something on the top of the door. Really? Yeah we were on the roof throwing things off of it. I then stepped up to speak with him myself and also explain that it hasn't worked from day one. He turned around and walked past me like I didn't exist. At no time did he ever acknowledge my husband or myself. This service advisor fellow "Victor" has no business working in the service industry. I actually am surprised he has a job at all. So a couple days later we go to pick up the camper. Go inside to make sure everything was good and find that someone stole from our change dish. Now I am not talking a few quarters. This butter bowl was full of silver, but they were kind enough to leave us a dollar or two. When my husband reported this to the service dept. they laughed it off like it was no big deal. Now I am sure you are thinking it could have been anyone, but They had our camper locked behind a gate and if someone was going to steal something they might of thought longer about taking the ps3 laying in the chair.

We take another trip heading to Florida and pull in one night at a truck stop. Guess what? Our bedroom slide won't come out. Oh boy were we mad. As we were fighting to get the 2 inches that came out back in we discovered that the latter had been hit with something blue. It was fine when we dropped it off and we had only been on the road a day and we knew we didn't hit anything. We can only assume that one of Camping Worlds idiots ran it into something or something into it. The next day traveling through Georgia we find a dealer about to close. This young man comes out and offers to re-calibrate the slide. It didn't work but we were thankful for his effort. The next day we pull into another dealer Alliance RV. We figured we would get the same story that it would be 3 weeks. Nope they pulled her right in and fixed her that day. Not only that, they got the approval for a new front door. Something Richmond Camping World didn't think could be done nor tried to make happen.

I am convinced that they don't care and don't want to put forth the effort to make things happen.

Story doesn't end there. We were so thankful for Alliance RV and we can't say enough good things about them or their excellent customer service but our dissatisfaction is still not over with Camping World. We set up again in Florida, ready to relax and enjoy a nice evening. We put out the awnings only to find that Camping World in Richmond never installed the awning light. They removed the old one but never installed a new one. IDIOTS!

So our 3 weeks in their shop only consisted of them stealing from us, tearing up our awning light and backing something into our camper.

We bought our camper in Richmond because it is our home town and we thought we would get the home town service. We were greatly disappointed.

I will end with this......Richmond Camping World used to be Tom Raper RV and was recently bought out by Camping world. We were told that the owner is big on customer service. Well Mr. Camping World owner don't get so big for your britches that you forget that the customer is who put you where you are. Also don't forget that Walmart has competition in the Kroger's and Winn Dixies etc. and many people rather shop there and pay a little more for the service.


One of your dissatisfied customers

Angela M

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $76000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Them stealing my money.

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