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I don't know where to start this but I'm having real issue with the Good Sam staff. Three plus weeks ago I pulled into the Knoxville Freightliner repair shop with a fuel issue. I spent a week in the parking lot my wife had to drive Two days to stay with our son. I've not send her since then. Last Friday we We're told ready and repaired. We have a gold

Plan coverage and so the repair shop got authorization for repair of fuel pump and it was found the damaged pump also damaged all the injectors And other stuff. Still all repaired and ready last Friday. Today it is Tuesday and now past seven pm. First we were told inspector did not get proof of injector failure when In Fact he did see the report and took a photo of the computer screen report. Sent it in, after the weekend, while we waited. No response from the good Sam people. We Finally learn they need report resent they could not go with the inspection report from the inspector you use so that had to be resent. So, the inspector you sent our, his report is not good enough. They received that report and before the person at Good Sam Claims told me once they get that report they will approve. So it was sent this morning. Tuesday I get a ride two and half hours dropped off and find that the person at Good Sam a supervisor named Eric had it on his desk to approve. Waited two hours called to check was told oh no, he went home for the night and they would send to another supervisor named Tim who was still there. So, 20 minutes later I called again and what do you know, Tim has gone for the day also and he will not Be back till later the next day. Really!! How inconsiderate and uncaring is that. They knew I have been here all this time waiting and they have no care but to leave and not care? Who cares? Who cares for us, the people who have paid for this insurance and place our faith in a company that promotes the care to Rv customers. I have never been so disgusted, angry, stressed out before in my life over something like this. Does anyone care enough there for us who depend on you. I have to call someone who drove three hours to bring me here today, because I was told all they need is he report and they will approve, to come back three hours pick me up

And take me back because I have no food, no place o stay, no money to eat or place to go eat, no one to care for pets in a construction trailer I have to stay in because of this constant delay. Then tomorrow, IF someone cares enough to put some effort into helping someone In need who paid for the gold plan and just do their job and call the approval code. You already cleared and acknowledged the fuel pump and this is continued issue from the failure of the fuel pump. So Mr Marcus. What does it take, where is the care, where is the customer support advertised? Wi I ever get a call or care or some type help or compensation for this ordeal?


Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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