Carson, Washington

Our first purchase was wonderful. We went back 10 mo later to buy a larger rv.

We purchase it, paid cash. Gave them 2 wks to prepare the brand new rv.

Upon arrival we noticed the back ladder had been crushed, and our table had been (lost,stolen, or misplaced ). The awning lights didnt work. Really upon your walk-through you didnt see these things and think to repair them before we arrived. ?

So work order had to be placed. This means we have to endure the cost if going out of out way 4hrs one way.

We also purchased some add on items to which we have not yet to recieved. Still waiting for our Day /night shades, and our sales rep is lets say NOT very helpful!

6 wks after purchase were told our parts/table are in. So we drive 4 hrs to our closest camping world for work to be done and pick up our table finally.

Well after ladder,n lights are replaced were told that they have our table but it has no legs. Are you kidding me.!

And still no blinds. My real frustration is that this is a new rv, we have 2 mos of vacation planned and no table, and no offer of a loaner table was made. No consideration for our cost of 4hrs drive, our time having to endure costly accommodations while they have the rv and knowing that will have to do it again. ! And there attitude is Just oh well thats life in the rv business.

Well 2mo with out a table in a brand new rv is unacceptable.

Then to top it off they damaged our control panel when wiring the led lights, so now that has to be repaired! This is a brand new $70,000 rv. Its our life savings, treat it and us with respect.

I will never recommend there after purchase customer service to any one.

We are also having trouble with a large slide that has yet to be addressed. Two days after we picked up the rv . The second time it went out it made a huge pop, it wont clear our island without having door handles removed. We had to pay to have a mobile company come out and get the slide in. Camping world has made no offer to cover this. And was no help when called regarding this situation. Just left feeling very disappointed. Pretty much we got your money , now who cares.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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