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Rick was not good at all to deal with.Kept trying to talk us into another hitch adapter that we didn't need.

Told me he didn't understand why it was tack welded but they are the ones that sold us the adapter a few years ago and did the original welding. Told us they wouldn't give us what he had told us because there were issues they didn't know about. We bought camper from there three years ago and whatever issues it had now it had then because all we ever did was fix and repair issues as we found them. When I told them I wouldn't take less for my trade he went to talk to his boss and never even made us a counter offer just said he would refund what we had put down.

They knew when they saw the camper that they sold it to us three years ago and it had issues then and they never told us about them and they didn't want to get it back to have to deal with it again. Another review I read said Andrew was a crook and I feel the same way. Will not go back and will never recommend them to anyone again. Will talk anyone I know out of going there to buy anything.

They try to get you in with a great price online but then add a $900 and some dollar prep fee, a destination fee that was $700 and some and $200 for a title that costs them $15.So what you thought was a good deal is no cheaper then anyone else when they are done.

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I agree. Don't want to deal fairly and are rude.

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