I have had nothing but poor customer care by the Camping world in Lakewood NJ. They sold me a extended warranty for $4,000.

and when I need it it was a joke , They charged me to just look at the unit. Fifty dollars before they would even summit it to warranty company, and come to find out guess who owns the warranty company yup Camping world.

And when you call to talk to someone in service forget it , They never get back to you and you always get a answering machine.

I for one would never spend a dollar in camping world again never. I will travel out of my way to buy my motor home stuff elsewhere

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Horrendous customer service. Service manager does not realize when someone spends 100k they do not want sarcasm on top of poor workmanship.

Tenafly, New Jersey, United States #1227076

Pete from Camping world was the best very responsive

Huntington, New York, United States #1221611

It's so true


I agree, camping world said my slide out system had to be replaced both motors and rail system from lippert. Said it would take three weeks for parts at a cost of 1,400.00.

after three week I went back to see the progress, and guess what they didn't even order parts. I pulled the trailer out and decided to do the work myself, it turned out to be just a motor that cost only 249.00 ordered parts over the net.

one week.

So I will never use them for service, very dishonest, also being connected to Good Sam club I will not deal with them either.


Jacksonville, Florida, United States #995661

same here. Literally took RV off the lot in March 2015 and have been able to use it ONCE!!!

They have had it over 30 days and have to drive there (over an hour) to talk to someone because they are supposedly overwhelmed!

No one calls back EVER! I think it's time to talk to a lawyer!!!

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #857273

The worst customer service I've ever encountered. They will tell you it will take 2-3 days for them to look at it and give you a call.

No call. We call them and they say it's 4-5 days and deny telling us only 2-3. Then 10 days out, no one will take our call.

Leave a message and no one returns your call. How do they get away with this and still have customers ?


DO NOT BUY HERE! Once you purchase something, they don't know who you are.

Camping world does not return calls, Stephanie from service will tell you she never received your message. we've had dozens of warranty issues that are not being fixed. they lie to you and tell you they never received your message and will not pick up a phone. they've been through dozens of service managers and Stephanie is the worst.

She lied right to our faces and will not fix warranty issues, she is unprofessional and argumentative. go somewhere else if you want to spend 60,000.00 on a camper and be ignored.

to LI #980906

We had the same experience with Stefanie. She is extremely unprofessional, nasty, and incompetent.

Their entire service department is a joke. I'd advise everyone to steer clear of Camping World.

My experience there was one of the worst in my life. Terrible customer service.

to LI #1009810

We are going through our nightmare with Stephanie and the service department right now. I am just livid!

They were sweet as can be while we were purchasing our travel trailer and now you cannot get them on the phone. They take weeks to get back to you but only after you have called them again and again....the repair work is not the quality that you would expect. Then you have to fight with them to get things redone"..that's if they will. Their warranties are a waste of money.

We all spend tons of money to make happy vacationing memories and it all goes down the tubes because they leave you so pissed off with a banging headache and all stressed out. We will never deal with them again after this.

Save yourself the aggrivation and buy elsewhere. You will be glad you did.

to LI #1312002

Absolutely. Had a recall rv spent 50 days in shop and what they supposedly fixed didn't work at all even though it work prior to my visit

Lakewood Township, New Jersey, United States #823303

The service department is HORRIBLE, BUY FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE. They will sell you a RV then treat you like garbage OVER AND OVER AND OVER...


We purchased a Thor Ace 30ft.First it was not ready the day we were to pick it up & we waited 2 hours after appt. We were not happy with the way it was delivered to us.

It was filthy and again we waited for them to clean it.We finally got tired of waiting and had to make another appt. with them. When we brought it back after the 3rd time and after all their excuses it was clean. A few weeks later I was reading an RV magazine and found it was recalled for electrical problem.

I called Campers world in Lakewood and they didn't know anything about it. Now I took this motorhome back initially because it had a leak by the window which we have been complaining about since we purchased it. One of the girls called back today and said it was the roof leaking and that because it is maintenance issue it may not be covered under the Campers World extended warranty (SUPRISE). They said they would email me pictures.

It is now 8 hours later I am and still waiting for pictures. I would never recommend Campers World of Lakewood for anything but closing.Keep in mind we never used this motorhome in the 11 months we have had it.


Having the answering machine problem right now. Been a week and no updates....ugh. :(


Thanks, for this useful info I was looking at purchasing a Winnebago Journey 42e through them in the coming months. Based on the large expenditure and your comments I think I would be better served to go elsewhere. Thanks again


Very poor customer service. No use in getting an appointment for service.They are never on time No explaination as to why.

Waited 45 mins after appt, had to ask why the delay. Told they had to go to parts store for a part for another RV. Why couldn't they tell me that. The New Braunfels store needs some serious customer service training.

No one asks if you need help, they keep talking to each other about personal things. You have to ask if they will help you.

From now on I will go to Keith Whitaker RV sales and Service in New Braunfels and advise others also to use their facility. They are farther in miles from my house, but at least they give good customer service and timely maintenance.


I work at a rv repair facility. Dealing with EXTENDED WARRANTY that's exactly what it is; it is not an extension of the manufactures warranty.

Most of your extended warranties cover major mechanical components. When the sales person is selling you this product they usually use the term "bumper to bumper." That is what throws people off. Also every extended warranty that I deal with has some form of deductible varying from 34-250 depending on what company you use. Camping World does not own their own warranty company.

The underwriters of the policy are Assurant Solutions out of St.

Pete FL. if you have any concern about the warranty call the customer service number @ 1-866-844-2199


We drove 450 miles to Byron Ga. to purchase our dream camper a 2008 Cameo.

Upon arrival it took less than 5 minutes to discover we had been lied to. The campers condition is no where close to what we were led to expect. We asked for and received our deposit back and drove another 450 miles back home very upset and disappointed.

Camping world has let us down hard. Be aware they don't see anything wrong with bending the truth to get your money !


Same boat as Jim above. Paid for my new keystone and it took a week to have it delivered because they were waiting on a minor part to fix a piece of trim.

Part still has not arrived and they delivered it with a flat tire! Now I'm waiting on a tire and the trim piece. They assured me they had both and would send someone to make the repairs, but it turns out they have nietherand they won't arrive till next week. Purchased 9/22/11 and not do to be fixed till10/14/11.

Stay away from Camping World of. Roanoke VA for RV sales


I have had bad service from cmaping world in colfax north carolina.

purchased a 1998 fleetwood Pace arreow Calss A motor home. was told buy sales Rep, he would driv it t to california and never have a problem; Then Sales manager tells me he would go "anywhere" in it.

i paid for Motor home 8/29/2011 it is now 09/12/2011 and HAVE not take delivery of it yet, they say they want to make sure everything is working.

had bad levelers and awaiting parts. you call and no ONE returns phone call about what is going on .

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