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On Jan28,2012 I purchased a 97 Hurricane from the Camping World in Roanoke Va.I was told that before I picked up the motor home that it would go Thu a points check to make sure that it didn't have any major problems and would be cleaned up, fueled up and that it would be ready to camp when it was turned over to me.

I made a down payment on it and told them I would be back on Feb 1,2012 to pick it up. They suggested that I be there around 12:30pm. While I was paying for my purchase they were supposed to be getting it ready for me. They filled the carpet with water didn't really suck it up.

I got 3 miles from the dealership and the check engine light came on had to take it back and they promised to call the company to find out where the diagnostic plug is because they did not have a clue. The gas hand registers full and it's broke they didn't put any gas in it Because I put $190.00 in to fill it up. The air conditioner doesn't work. won't get cold low on freon.

the propane tank was supposed to be full it registers 1/8 of a tank. I paid them for my tags and title had to call them 3 times to get them to get my tags and title sent to me. I called Richmond and wanted to know where they were. I don't recommend this place to anyone.

If you need a camper go where you get better service.That is not the place for it.

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After reading all the mishaps that people write in about I must say I had almost 100% great experience, sales as well as service was awsome my almost 100% comes from my one and only complaint, that young loudmouth at the reception desk, she drove my wife and I crazy running around worried she wouldnt get her smoke break, over all expierance two thumbs up, we cant win them all.


Most customers/owners have no business owning or operating a Rv, there is so much time that goes into solving these customers issues that over all 90% of the time Mr Customer caused themselve due to lack of commonscense.

to Tricia #1117579

Tricia you obviously don't know anything about customer service.

How do you think you keep your job and who pays your wages?

You need to find another line of work missy.


Please contact me so that we can offer a resolution to these issues. We are under new management.


They have called me on several ocassions about mine.I called the main headquarters in Lexington Kentucky.

They talk a big show but you never get any results.I took the Hurricane camping found out with all the other problems it had a broke comode and a black tank 2/3 full of sewage.I reported that they kept it 3 more weeks and when I broght it home I still had a tank full of sewage.

It is now at another dealer to see what else it's problems are I did find out that the battery has a broke post inside it and that I have a co2 sensor bad.But I don't ever want to see another camping World dealership


I took my new camper to Roanoke camping world after a deer hit the side of my camper doing over 5,000.00 in damage.I was told it would be fixed with Keystone parts....well went there to pick up on March 29, 2012 and my camper looked worse after they worked on it than it did the night the deer hit me and left blood and guts on it.

I took the camper and returned it on April 2 for the work to be done the right way...I was advised that my camper would be ready in 2-3 weeks and here it is 21 days later and I find out they haven't even started the repair.I wouldn't recommend this place to change a light bulb and if my camper is not ready for use by this Wednesday as it was told I needed it...someone from camping world will be supplying me with a unit to use and it will be of equal value or more than mine.

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