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Update by user Jul 11, 2017

Golden/Denver Camping World finally got the camera about June 27 - weeks ago. They made an appointment for us to bring our motorhome in, and after a week of not hearing from them, we went in on July 3 and were informed that it hadn't been looked at yet!

We were told that all appointments are "Drive in to park" appointments, and the clerk didn't know when it would be seen. We were told on the 6th, that it would be ready by July 11 (today). Today we went in again, and were told that Houston had ordered the wrong part!!

They said they had ordered it from Jayco for overnight delivery. Here we are 2 months since we brought our band new motorhome home - and we haven't been able to use it yet!

Update by user Jun 13, 2017

Houston finally ordered the camera on June 2 - over three weeks from when we purchased the home. He promised he would order it right away - I took "right away" to mean May 11. He knew about it May 10 (or earlier - who knows).

Original review posted by user Jun 01, 2017

My husband is 82 and I am 67, and we had planned on enjoying this summer and fall while seeing the country. Who knows when we will be able to?

HORRIBLE - these people look you in the eye and sweetly lie, lie, lie! We bought a brand new 2017 Jayco Melbourne 24K on May 11, 2017. We are from Colorado, and we flew in to pick it up and drive it home. First of all, I believe either they had rented it out, used It as a demo, or the driver who brought it from the manufacturer lived in it.

I believe this because of the condition of the motor home, the fact that the zipper on pouch holding all the manuals was destroyed, and in that pouch was a paper that said, "Restart Warranty." The warranty is only starts at the first sale, or if it is used as a demo. It was dirty, there was waste in both the gray water tank and the black water tank both. Three different times they promised to clean the floor, which was filthy and damaged. The back camera was broken - which they promised to order and overnight to the Camping World in Colorado.

They haven't. The accordion door was damaged, the stabilizing jack wasn't working, and the floor was damaged in the bathroom - the linoleum had lifted. They were so nice to our faces, and said they had cleaned the floor - they never did. They said they had fixed the stabilizer jack - they did NOT.

They said they fixed the accordion door - it is still damaged. They did staple down the floor in the bath. We still don't even know if the camera was ordered. Matt Clark in service has promised to give me the tracking number or ETA several times, but I still don't have it.

I'm going to contact Camping World Headquarters, Jayco - the manufacturer, the Better Business Bureau, and Camping World in Golden. Could I call this Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse -- the mistreatment or exploitation of senior citizens -- can take many different forms. Instances of elder abuse range from the infliction of physical harm to the use of fraud or coercion to extract financial or material gain from vulnerable seniors

Product or Service Mentioned: 2017 Jayco Melbourne 24k Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Camping World Houston
  • Camping World in Katy Texas
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Makes me glad I don't have to deal with this dealership. Also I wonder if I want to purchase a Jayco rv from any dealer if Jayco condones this treatment of their customers


Stay away from any product made by Thor. I had one and I had major water leaks all the time.

I carried a few tubes of silicone in my 5th wheel all the time. Unfortunately, Thor is buying up a lot of Rv companies these days. Gone are the days of quality builds, so check out the reviews on the net!

Whether its your RV dealer or what others are saying about the product! You could be saving yourself a major headache and avoid being stuck with junk!

Raymond, New Hampshire, United States #1348996

Was going to buy a Thor 22E from campers world but after reading reviews from this sight and others I decided it's not a good idea to deal with camping world . Thanks for letting the public know how these company's work. Camping World and Thor aren't getting my 60k +

to Anonymous #1385081

We had looked at several lots. Camping world the worst.

We figured if the the warrenty service is not good.

Why not save a bundle of money and we just bought a second hand one in good condition. It's sad they can get away with this kind of service and work.

to Anonymous #1513042

Thanks for your input, we have a large camping world in our area, I think I'll stay away from camping world as well. Thx!

Barberton, Ohio, United States #1341824

Why don't people pull together and do a class action lawsuit. The more I google about them the worse it gets

to Abby #1343020

Corporate was good. Bet they get alot of calls!

I agree folks need to come together. We went back 3 times...giving it a shot.....

to Abby #1430288

I posted my review on Googles website- reviews! The dealerships never post negative reviews, only the good ones.

Example: Haylett Rv and Josh the RV Nerd videos are often ignorant comments! I posted a comment requiring proof on which RV manufacturer has today a 36" insulation and R-52 insulation values?? Really! How do you get 36" insulation into a 9" -10" maximum space if that, when you have AC ducting and have to allow air space as well?

Josh to this day has not provide the information to me or to the people who think his videos are great? He is full of s**t, yet some people think he is the greatest? I have done personal walk throughs with friends and pointed out major flaws with today's rv's and pointed out the quality as well! "NO trash talk, (of other manufacturers) But the truth!" So don't always believe in what Josh the RV nerd says !!

My advice is walk through numerous rv dealers inventory, and pay extremely close attention to the quality of the product and the Build as well. We often get our selves into trouble at looking at all the great features, never to quality! You could be saving yourself a $50,000 to $80,000 headache! If your a first time buyer?

Take an experienced friend to point out those good and bad features! All the best in RV hunting!


Sorry but it is not "elder abuse", that is the way they treat most customers. They have no conscience, they have no soul.

I am sorry for your problems.

They will NOT ever get it corrected for you.

Please help spread the word about Camping World.

I work at a good dealership and I hear camping world complaints all day long, all week long.

to Anonymous Portland, Oregon, United States #1339621

It is classified as Elder Abuse because of our age. They are jerks, but I will get the issues solved - my motorhome is under warranty. Houston won't solve them - although they finally did order the camera, after lying to me for weeks, saying it had already been ordered.

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