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My name is Jake Norman. iv'e worked for camping world for a long time and cannot stand how they break the LAW and treat their employees and customers like trash and take advantage of them at every corner.

If you buy a rv from CW they will not sell it to you unless you finance, otherwise its a $3000 charge for paying cash cause their losing money on the back end thru finance. Then they will charge you $1100 to have the unit prepped but don't actually do it. They don't put a battery on it or safety check it or replace battery in smoke alarm or co2 det. Then they will purposely hide all the damage on the unit and promise everything to sell it and management actually instructs their employees to stand in front of damaged areas that their trying to hide and employees are told to lie to customer about many things, alot of which is specific to each unit.

Then they blast you thru the demo in 30min trying to avoid teaching you anything. CW management actually trains their employees to do this. You will also be repeatedly hustled to buy whats called "paint and fab", i cant believe their are people out there that really pay that much money to get it but CW sells it all the time several every week. its their bread and butter.

They charge between $2000-$5000 depending on the unit and they tell you the unit will be hand buffed and a bunch of other lies and ***. You can do it yourself for $10-$20 not $5000 and it only takes a couple minutes. Camping World tells their customers that it takes many hours and they hide the unit in the back and won't let anyone bring it up front to the customer per sales managers and finance managers cause it only takes 10min to complete. All they do is wipe down all the fake leather inside the unit with leather cleaner polisher to make it shine and then they spray a foam on the outside and immediately rinse it off.

LMAO!!!!!!! And if you own a full body paint or are planning on buying one from them, its guaranteed to get scratched all to ***. They only hire degenerates with no high school diplomas and pay minumum wage but charge the customer beyond top dollar and refuse to supply wash bay with the tools they need. So they leave their brush heads laying on the ground and then immediately pick them up and put them on a full body paint with all kinds of pebbles and debris trapped in the bristles.

Not to mention you cant wash full body paint with a brush. You can ONLY use lambs wool pads. Otherwise you will make the unit look like its been buffed with a dirty buff pad. Which is exactly what CW makes their units look like.

Litteraly 90% of the time they wont even have the rv finished being prepped or washed when you get their to see it. Its absolutely rediculous how money hungry and greedy these people are and its not just the greenwood location, its all their locations. Everyone gets trained to do it the same way. Its a shame that they actually have to go to the extent of lying and stealing from their employees as well to make those billions every year.

CW lies to you and tells you they only hire master certified and rvia certified techs but they only hire minumum wage workers who know nothing about rvs. their first day at CW is their first time seeing an rv. All of CW employees either used to sell cars or work on cars. They know nothing about RV'S.

CW'S management at greenwood location should be put in jail for all the illegal crimes they commiut to get rich of their customers and employees. dominick is sales manager and butch long is service manager.

I didn't like: About the place.

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