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We purchase a new travel trailer from camping world of colfax when we purchased we paid extra for a wax coating that keeps doors from yellowing also we paid extra for cushions to be treating so spills would not soak in. Both of these things were supposed to be done over the next two days.

When I called to find out if the camper was ready to be picked up I was told to be there the next day at two o'clock to pick it up. We get there and apparently it wasn't ready. We were taken over to the service garage and met the service man whom I refer to as Mr personality he didn't smile barely spoke and seemed really aggrivated that we were there at all. Needless to say it wasn't ready.

He was suppose to finish going over everything but he did a walk around to tell us the things we needed to know because we are first time camper owners. While going around we noticed that the end caps were off the bumper and sitting up on it not sure why they were taken off but they were also the storage compartments were open. I ask him about it and he said he knew and he would close everything before we left the lot with it. They were also installing a sway bar and to our knowledge were adjusting it for our truck may i say again we are first time owners and know nothing about sway bars.

I questioned the service guy about the waxing because the camper was very dirty and he told me it had been done and I have no way to prove that it wasn't but it was awfully dirty. After being on the lot that day for about three hours our camper was brought over attached to our truck. We were getting ready to pull of and my husband had me to walk to the back to make sure the break lights were working and what did I find the end caps for the bumper still sitting on the back ready to fall off and the storage doors still open . We put the caps on and locked the doors up after searching for a key inside the camper to lock the doors with.

We head down the highway and the camper was all over the road my father- in- law did the driving because my husband had just had surgery and he has hauled plenty of trailers with cars on them without any problems and so has my husband. We ended up having to pull off the road and my husband gets out to check the sway bar that they had installed and finds out they it had not been adjusted at all it would have been nice to know that before we left the lot.

We have been out in the camper twice and on our second trip out my husband was leveling the camper went I heard this noise like paint cracking well all of a sudden the jack started coming back down the cracking noise I heard was the jack bending now the lot we were on wasn't very unlevel so it didn't have to go up much and we didn't have any extra weight in the camper because we put that stuff in the back of the cherokee. With all this being said we are very dissapointed with our purchase.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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