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I have never been SO disgusted by a company and it's business practices. I need supplies to finish restoring an old camper, caulk, vinyl tape ect...and spent almost $110.

When I got home I realized the 3 tubes of white caulk were wrong and I pick up black and beige. I returned to the store the next day to exchange them. NO PROBLEM I'm told at the counter just get the correct ones. This is where it turns UGLY.

Do you have your receipt?.... No I'm just exchanging these for the correct color, she rings them in and they ring up for significantly less than what I paid for the day before.....I question this and I'm told the price went up yesterday morning....Ok I purchased them in the evening and paid the current price.....then I'm told I had to pay the difference to get the correct product. $10.50 MORE. I should have taken the originals and gone home to get the receipt, but I had to have them.

I was very calm but I signed the CC receipt with a FoUr letter word and a sheep. Now day 3, I take both receipts back to CW and the coward behind the counter that tried to screw me the day before ran for the back room and did not come back, a new sales girl asked if she could help me and I showed her the receipts and gave her the short story. She was very confused why they would do that.....we double checked all the prices and made sure they was correct. Now for my refund, as she rings everything up a very young man comes out and stands beside her and starts staring at me.

I ask if I can help him and he tells me He's the "acting" manager.....I grin to myself and say yes, you are "acting"...I ask the "acting" manager if he is aware of the mistakes his company has made ....(crickets)....I then ask why he is not the one ACTively not fixing the this point he looks like a scared virgin at the high school prom. My sales associate savor gives me the refund and as I go to sign the receipt it's still not right but this time to my favor, I explain I'm not trying to screw the company like they tried to do me the day before...

"ACTING" manager tries to crawl under the desk. My savor says don't worry and have a great day sorry for the problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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