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About 3 years ago, purchased 6 new tires for Travel Supreme Diesel Pusher. All seemed well, until the following year when I got ready to take a trip, and took the motorhome by to have the air pressure checked in tires. I didn't have a guage that was calibrated for such pressure.

After spending $2600 for new tires, Camping World would not check the air pressure in the tires without charging a $50 inspection fee per tire. Then, this was nothing but a visual inspection to check for dry rot.

You would think with a $2600 purchase of tires, they'd certainly give you a complimentary air pressure test, or at most, charge a $5 fee per tire to check pressure. This would have been simple, since I have valve extenders on the inner back tires.

I refuse to use them for anything, unless, it is an absolute emergency that I can't wait on or can't find elsewhere. They have caused me to make more purchases online, and to seek out other facilities that will do work on the motorhome. With all I've experienced, I can't believe they are still in business.

About 3 years previous, with another motorhome I had just purchased and would be towing for the first time, had the towbar and car lighting wired. They gave me a brief demo of how to hook up the car, and that was fine. However, after leaving the dealership and traveling some 10 or 12 miles, had to stop and drop off someone to pick up their vehicle that was left at the storage facility where I kept motorhome. I just happened to walk behind the motorhome and look at the tow bar assembly, to find that a nut had backed off the main swivel bolt, and it was just barely in. We were heading out of town at that moment, so I parked the motorhome right where I sat, and called Camping World. Boy, was I mad. They said they were closing so they couldn't deal with it until the next day. I reminded them I was leaving town.

I instructed them, without accepting any excuse, to load up a new tow bar and deliver it to me where I sat on the side of the road. They claimed they couldn't, but I gave them no option even if it required the manager himself do it. Finally, they agreed to my demands and we got through that potential crisis without much issue, but failure to check the tightness of assemblies prior to releasing the motorhome owner was irresponsible.

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Farmington, Michigan, United States #815698

As Germans we travel six weeks per year through the States, we are club members at Camping World since 5 years.

Our fridge gave up on a hot day a few miles ahead of Nashville. The service department there offered an appointment for trouble shooting two weeks later, a new fridge for two days later! They said even for emergencies no time would be available!

Cullum and Maxum next door repaired immideately within half an hour - with a smile!

Buckeye, Arizona, United States #801430

There is not any one at camping world the gives a dam. Your on your own.


i took my rv to them in sept 2012 to do extended warranty work while i was there the power in the building went out so gave card info. expecting to be charged 50.00 deductable.

keeping in mind they fixed nothing. told me that the generated had a gummed up carburator and was not covered under warranty,so thinking ok no problem.went home that day .... 6 weeks later checking my account at bank and seen a 312.99 charge from cw called them and to see what is the charge for . they told me that diagnostic charges for the generator , charging system on board batteries that wasn't charging while plugged in to 50.00 deductible..

what the h beings nothing was wrong under the warranty plan had to pay diagnotic charges,,, so there for the warranty won't cover the charges.

still waiting on my complaint for so called service manager.. they are so crimmial , i had no idea of these charges til i calles them.

to jt of spring hill tn Nashville, Tennessee, United States #765859
They shouldn't have even charged you a deductible if warranty didn't cover any of the repairs jt. Now if they did a diagnostic of the generator and nothing came of it then they should have just charged you the diag for the gen and let you on your way. Now im just going off what you're saying but im sorry that happen to you. Hopefully they figured things out and you were taken care of :)

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