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Don't take your camper here.the set visors excludinding the female that works there are dumbasses.there are a few smart techs there but the manager is a lier

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Manager.

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Santa Clarita, California, United States #883035

Fed up with lies, deceipt, overcharging, work paid for and not done, etc etc etc. We are going to submit a claim against camping world with the California Attorney Generals Office, every state has one, and if everyone else would submit their complaints to the states where they have had same problems, maybe someone at headquarters will stop these crooks, from their unfair, illegal, consumer, practices, & scams, of work not performed but charging for it, of charging for work that does not even need to be done, etc.

etc. If they get enough complaints the attorney general will start to prosecute for all these unfair practices, just maybe then camping world headquarters will start paying their employees so that they won't have to cheat their customers just to make a dime with their commission only pay!!!

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