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Myself and several other employees left Camping World when we could no longer take the Management bullying and stupidity. Personally Marcus Lemonis and Regional *** Kevin Bostrom robbed me of $25,000.00 in pay when they decided to break my pay contract for the biggest RV show of the year so they could pocket the commission $$ they would have to pay me for busting my butt for the months to follow.

Trust me, after working for Marcus Lemonis. he cares about one thing...$$$$. Forget what he says on The Profit about caring about people. He is a bully.

If I sued them for the $$ while I was still an employee, I would have probably been let go. After writing a letter to Marcus to ask for the money that I was owed after I left, there was no reply from Corporate except when I followed up and was told they were "looking into it" which I know from experience to mean that I was being ignored.

Marcus is an absolute bully and I will be chasing my $$ through the Judicial System while my family struggles through major illnesses financially. Believe me Camping World is an awful company and there is a special place in *** reserved for people like Marcus Lemonis and Kevin Bostrom (one of his regional managers who is literally a pig farmer on the side and should only be allowed to manage the vending machines at one location).

Product or Service Mentioned: Manager.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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What location did you work out of?

Jerome, Idaho, United States #1275904

Where you come from the business can you tel me about the extended service deal? I agreed to buy a 2014 Aspen trail 2470 BH right at 14K.

They are trying to get me to buy a 3K extended service agreement..... seems terribly excessive, Thoughts?

to RJKerr83301 #1276009

The warranty is not a bad idea. But I can tell you this.

They will try and get you to buy a 4 or 5 year warranty but they offer it in a 7 year warranty and the cos difference (I mean their cost) is minimal. Do not ever pay the $3000.00 for it, the 7 year warranty costs them about $900. That is the truth coming from me since I used to sell those warranties and know what they are trying to do. They want to make another $2000.00 profit from you.

If you want the warranty, tell them you want a 7 year warranty and you want it for $1250.00. Also, tell them you won't buy the camper unless they sell it to you with the 7 year warranty at $1250.00. They make a few bucks and you get a 7 year warranty. Don't settle for the 6 year or 5 year or 4 year warranty no matter what they try and swindle you into.

If they don't do it, tell them you don't want the camper and tell them forget it. Trust me they will do it, especially since it is getting close to the end of the month and they need every deal. And take your free year of Roadside Assistance and do not buy extra years from the finance dept. They will give you a menu with all that stuff ( Roadside Assist., Tire and wheel coverage, warranty etc.) on it and show you how your payment will only go up a little bit each month by adding the cost of it in.

Don't do it!!!Dont buy the Paint and Fabric protection!!! They make millions on it and all it is is a high tech wax job. Just promise yourself to wax the camper 2 times a year and that is all. That paint protection costs them about $200 to apply (labor included) and they charge hundreds and sometimes thousands for it.

Complete profit!!! Also, check on financing at a local credit union for a better rate (if they are offering you financing) Camping World will get a 4% rate from the bank for example and offer it to you for 6% and make profit from the bank. Play hardball with them and be prepared to walk away, they are shady scammers and bullies all the way up the chain and it starts with Marcus Lemonis. (Personally, I would try and get them to throw in the 7 year warranty).

Good luck!! And pass the word around!!!

to RJKerr83301 #1276112

Sorry, I misinformed you on one aspect of the warranty. On a 2014 used Rv you can get a 4 year warranty from the dealership, 7 year is available on new.

Also, low retail on that model is $11,350 so trade value is probably around $10,000 or less, so they are making a bunch of profit on you. I would offer 12,500 with 4 year warranty included, and stick to it. If you go to this link

This is the camper you are looking at. They will play a scam and tell you to click on all the features of the camper which raises the retail price, however, all of the features are included in the price I am showing you as standard equipment.

If you click on them like AC, refrigerator, etc.. all it does is raise the price because it counts them 2 times ( they are standard and then you click them and it adds their value again). A bit confusing but it is a scam the dealership uses to try and convince you that the camper has a higher value. If you bought it today and traded it tomorrow, you might get offered $10,000 for it.

Don't fall for it!!!!! Hope this info helps you out!

Please let me know. God bless!

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