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Last June I scheduled an appointment with Camping World, Kingston, NY one month in advance in June of 2015. I spent a half an hour going over what needed to be done. The priorities were driver window needed to be resealed, the grey valve line pvc pipe was cracked and needed to be replaced, we also scheduled a 45 point inspection. The customer service guy ensured us that they could do everything in one day if we got there by 9AM. We drove an 11/2 hours to get there and were there in time. It was a 90 degree day and didn't find out until the middle of the afternoon that they would not be able to fix the grey water pipe that day. We told them this should have been the priority not the TV or inspection!! We brought two vehicles just in case they were not finished. Lucky we did or we would have been stuck there for a couple days. When we finally picked up the RV almost a week later we found that they did not reseal the driver window. We had door and window insulation stuck on the outside window. That was not even touched!!! How obvious, but it was ignored. We had a new house battery installed. When we started the couch the battery was dead. We went back and forth with that for a while. They took the RV into the service area and put sealant around the gasket of the window frame; that was it. It was not repaired for that is not what it needed. The 45 point inspection comes with a form detailing all that they checked along with comments and condition of the areas they check. We did not get this form. What they did instead was put itemized charges on the bill that added up to what we would have paid for the inspection. Yet, when I looked at the charges they overcharged. I questioned where the 45 point inspection sheet is and I got a run around about how they do it. Since this was my first time doing this I believed what she was dishing me but with a feeling that this is not what I ordered. When we got home we noticed after parking the RV that our ladder was dented. This happened at Camping world while in their possession. We did a walk around before the rv went into the shop and it was noted that there were no dents. They did not inform us that this accident occurred!!

I also, researched the 45 point inspection to find the actual form. Jeff Greeno, Service & Collision Director Camping World & Good Sam,

emailed me the form. SKU 989013. This form is what we ordered. Camping World did not perform what we ordered. We asked for a refund of $229.00 and they would not give it to us. They wanted us to drive back there so they could do it. We decided not going to waste any more of our time and money to drive 1 1/2 so that they could make it good. They should have done the proper job the first time.

We filed a claim for the damaged ladder which is approx. $400. and have not gotten a response from them since we sent the estimate in.

We spent months emailing and calling the Corporate office only to be sent in circles resulting in the head office doing nothing to assist us in getting our money back. Money that is rightfully our.

We will never buy from any of the stores again and will not be renewing our membership for the sams club or the roadside assistance. These guys are crooks and I hope they are driven out of business. We will be filing a small claims and a complaint with consumer affairs.

Reason of review: several of the above poor service and no service, overcharging, .

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Lied to by service department, Service department is awful.

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