Blasdell, New York

Camping world is the worst rv dealer in the nation I bought a brand new montana 375flf and it's the biggest POS. Camping world has tried to fix the slides and the fridge a dozen times over this past year and it's still not right DO NOT BUY FROM CAMPING WORLD OF BUFFALO

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Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #902346

Did Camping World build the RV? I didn't think so...

Palm Coast, Florida, United States #887173

I bought a new trailer last October an it's been a nite mare. Do not go to the

St Augustin.

Store. The service department stinks. The service Manager




Did camping world build your RV? No they sell them.

You are probably one in 100 that have issues with a brand new RV. That is why there is a manufacturers warranty, so that the company that made it can cover any problems that they have unknowingly created.

Next time you buy a car that has a problem, be sure to blame the dealer that sold it to you. Pure ***!

to loobis North Tonawanda, New York, United States #905200

Fix it or buy it back

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