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We took our 2012 Outback to Camping World in Katy TX to have an additional AC installed. Having just one AC didn't cut it. We dropped of our travel traler and they were to install a 13.5 unit that would have it's own plug to use in addition to the AC the unit came with. About 5 days later we got a call to come pick it up, that all done. We came in, paid and took her back to the storage lot that we keep it at.

About a month later, we brought the trailer home and pluged her in in our driveway. We have a 30amp on the house (for when we bring our trailer home) and plugged in the new ac unit as well to try her out. The new unit did cool but we noticed it cycled on and off alot. After some time I open up the unit from inside the camper and noticed that they didn't even frame out the hole that was made to install it(there was no vent in the bedroom where we had it put in so they had to make an opening in the roof for it). The actually used scrap 2by4's to hold up the the roof. Also, the top unit wasn't even connected to the bottom unit allowing cold air to be suck back into the unit causing it to cycle on and off. Nothing was taped with and you can stick your arm all the way in the attic space all around the hole. All the insulation, plywood and aluminum trusses are visible.

I called Camping World and talked to there service manager, also emailed pictures. He was very apologetic and told me that all will be fixed. When I asked how this could have happened, he really had no answer.

Why would an AC even be put on a camper without completely framing it out first to support the weight of the unit? I'm just at a loss trying to figure out why a "reputable" dealership would even allow this type of work to be done. Oh, and I paid $1600 for this scrap wood and shotty install.

They say all will be fixed, I wonder if I should be owed anything in return. I just wonder about those people that wouldn't even know what to look for and wouldn't have caught this...

They say that they will "repair" this install this week when I return the RV to them. We will see......

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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Shoot, all you have to do is Google this place and you will see how many complaints they have about there service department.

I see this is a complaint from 2012 but its good that someone commented on it recently and brought this story back to life.

I did Google this place after reading this and found many other complaints about this place and its service department and personnel.

I for one will steer clear of this place. Thanks.


doesn't need to be framed out. obviously you know nothing about it. this is man's job, not something you would understand

to Anonymous #786090

Well, they bought us an brand new travel trailor when all was said and done. So yea, it did need to be framed out.

It's all good though. Land a "man" would have completed the job correctly in the first place. You sound like a certain employee of this company.

Thanks to them we now have a new trailer and will never step foot in that place again.

to Anonymous #786250

I've been to this place too. The service manager is the major problem with this store.

He comes off as a very condescending and has a major chip on his shoulder if you even think of questioning anything about his repair work. It's really a shame because the rest of the store, camping merchandise, new rv lot, is really impressive. He makes for a very bad experience. I would also never return to this place.

With all the RV repair shops around the Houston area, I would go some place else for my work.

to Anonymous San Diego, California, United States #788337

"doesn't need to be framed out. obviously you know nothing about it.

this is man's job, not something you would understand"

Thanks for commenting on this and bringing this post back to life!!!! Whew!

I almost went to this place to look for a travel trailer but after reading this at the top of a Google search and then finding all the other post concerning this place, I'll be sure to look someplace else. Thanks again!!!!!

to Anonymous #908226

You must be a troll.

to Anonymous Washington, Missouri, United States #908246

Glad you bright this back to life for everyone to see. Thanks.

to Anonymous Spring, Texas, United States #908358

We have been to this place too. The service department used to have a service manager there that had that "short mans complex" pretty bad.

Felt sorry for the "little guy". He would try to "man up" and look like he ran the place but it was obvious he was a bit of a Nepolieon. Silly little guy.

He should just go back to the Carolinas where they talk nascar and stick to fixing lawn mowers instead of trying to hand with the big boys and work on RV's.


**** Final Update *****

We took delivery of our replacement TT from Camping World last Friday. It is a 2013 Dutchmen Denali 287re. We ordered it. It's a very nice unit, 50 amps, 2 AC's, 3 slides, modern windows, power awning jacks and slides all on remote leather swivel recliners and remote fireplace (I paid for the recliner and fireplace upgrades myself). All seems to work well when we took delivery. We plan on bringing it home sometime next week and "camp" in the driveway to check her out even better (she's in storage now).

I have to first say "Thank You" to everyone on here that spoke up on my behalf and also gave me insight on how to handle this. At first I was not aware of how much damage the "install job" created until others posted on here. The suggestions to talk to the TT manufacturer (Keystone) about the ramifications of the install were priceless. I am very grateful to you all for your ideas on how to handle this. I took them all and used them with a good outcome thanks to you.

I would also like to thank Mr. Lemonis. He saw this thread and contacted me personally. He also contacted the store and worked out this deal to replace my property. Thank you Mr. Lemonis. That was truly a very honorable this to do.

This will be the final update I give on this topic. I think its played itself out. Am I grateful? Sure I am. Do I think that I would have had the same outlook if I simply went back into the store with my broken TT and "talked to the manager"? Absolutely not. But, enough has been said on the subject. I'm just looking forward to the summer now and pulling my trailer from campsite to campsite when I have the days off and popping open a cold one. Thanks again everybody. It's been a real eye opening experience and I am forever grateful to you all. My first cold one is to you.... Best Wishes.


Camping world has offered to replace our new travel trailer that had the additional AC installed incorrectly with a brand new travel trailer. We accepted their off and thank them for making this right in the end.


Well, took the trailer back to Camping World in Katy TX today. Met with the Service Manager, General Manager and tech that will be working on the unit.

While waiting for everyone to get together, I asked the service manager if they had a flashlight since we will be looking into the AC unit from inside. You would have thought I asked for a lung. I knew this wasn't going to be a fun meeting. I also asked what happened, why was my trailer returned to me with the job only half completed. He told me that was an internal matter. I asked him again and he said, "I gave you your answer". Nice. So much for honesty. Hey, anyone can make a mistake right? Why not just say why?

After our flashlight arrived, me, the gen manager and the service manager all went inside. The service manager took off the AC filter and with the service tech looks up into the unit. He tells the service tech, "ok, I guess they want all this closed up". Really? "closed up". How about "framed out"! I then had to come up to them, reach into the AC unit and pull out one of those 2 by 4 scraps of wood (you can see them in one of the pictures I uploaded in my original post on this thread) and hand it to them. It wasn't even attach, just wedged up there to hold up the AC unit up.

Then I discussed with the service tech how he was going to fix this and frame it out. He was the most informative of them all, explaining the fix, what materials would be used. Very nice guy. They could take a lesson from him. I told him I was concerned about the integrity of the roof since the AC was never framed out. I asked that when I pick up the unit that I be able to go up on the roof near the AC and try it out before leaving. The Service manager said, "let's do that now, before the fix". With myself, the general manager and the tech inside, the service manager goes up on the roof and starts jumping up and down HARD all around the AC unit. You could see the unit on the inside along with the ceiling bouncing! I thought it was going to fall through! I had to yell out for him to "Stop It"! Amazing.... It's like he thinks this is all a joke or something.

They say it will all be fixed in a week. I wish I never went there in the first place. All I want is what I paid for. I don't know who the service manager thinks he is but I know I don't have to be treated this way.

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