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We have gone through so much stress this week dealing with rude people . They have our money,made us sign paperwork even before the loan was approved. now they don't care. If we back out they say they are keeping our down payment which is alot. We really hate these people down there. They don't even answer our calls down there and when they do, they are rude and cocky! They don't care what you have to say or how you feel about anything. They are very slow and not on top of things. We have never felt so screwed in our lives. Basically took our money, now ***. I do not recommend going to Camping world in Syracuse, N.Y unless you want to get screwed!!! We don't even have our camper yet and already feel bad!! I will never go back there and do any business. We just want to be done with them!! Our mistake. Should have gone somewhere else!!! Beware People!!!

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your problems are only starting wait till you need service once you take possession they dont want to know anything they make all kinds of promises and nothing happens find another dealer I WILL NEVER GO BACK!!!!


My wife and I bought a camper from them in 2015 at the RV show and after we took it off the lot forget about coming back for any service. I found some small things that were wrong and it took forever to get them fixed.

I traded it in at a small local dealer near us and had nothing but a good experience and service any time we go in. I will never go back to Camping world and I have even talked others out of going there.


Everyone is very helpful during the purchasing process. BUT once it is your possession don't expect any assistance from the service or parts department.

Even though we were promised prompt assistance because we purchased a warren plan through them. I rate them a 2 1/2 stars.


These people are flat out thieves and should be in jail. Period!


I wish I had read your comments before we started dealing with them. They have our down payment since September 2015 and we still have no RV and they never return our calls or answer, they seem to be busy all of the time.

They called and said that our RV was in and sent to Harrisburg PA for us to pickup and when we got there after 2 hour drive it was the wrong one and now they can't seem to find the one we ordered anywhere. Now they say it will be another 2-3 months before we even get it, because it needs to be remade. What kind of business are they trying to run. I am so upset and my husband keeps telling me to calm down.

They have tried to sell us RV's that are no where near what we ordered. The one they sent down to Harrisburg was pretty, but not what we ordered.

to Anonymous Syracuse, New York, United States #1120360

I am so sorry for you but you are not alone in dealing with Camping World!!

My advice, get your down payment back and go somewhere else.

You will save yourself alot of heartache and stress!

They are not a good business to deal with! Good Luck!!


I know your pain. But i think i know the root of the problem.

CORPORATE GREED. Giving all to management & sales, And sh**ing on there techs. Well at least there service techs. you know the guys that work on your BRAKES,TIRES,HITCHING & LP.

YEAH the things that you really want taken care of correctly. Maybe because your life is in there hands. Ever seen a unit after a LP explosion? It's not pretty.

And you are always wondering if anyone lived. But as i found out thru previous employees And other campers around the campfire. They only make like 16 too 20 dollars an hr which don't sound too bad. but when you take in account they work on a flat rate pay scale, most of the time they have work 50 hrs too only get payed 40.

AND WE HAVE TOO BE CHARGED $119.00 an hr. AND THEY SAY ITS TO PAY FOR THERE CERTIFIED TECHS! That's a joke! I asked the tech that worked on my unit if he was certified.

Or master certified his reply. I just got hired. WHAT!! I"m Paying $119.00 an hr For an non certified Tech!!

REALLY!! Also I understand there are two tech sides in the shop. The prep tech & the service tech. I was told the service techs are required to make all kinds of repairs and get shorted terribly in there pay.

And the prep techs to prepare the trailers for delivery and write warranty. Which I also found the more they write the more they get paid. Like 60 too 90 hrs a week! And you still have too return after purchase to have a service tech repair all the stuff the prep tech missed.

Or lied about fixing so they could make there 60 or 80 hrs. It was so much better when it was Myer's Rv before camping world bought them out. I've seen the changes thru the years there and it looks like its only getting worse. It finally got too the point that I just had too go else where for my service.

And my next A-class will be purchased else where also. I don't know about anyone else but I would have a lot more piece of mind if I knew that the tech working on my unit wasn't stressing about his pay and rushing to make his hrs for the week. But really who can blame them. Especially with N.Y.

taxes being taking out. I'm sure when these techs started this business they thought it would turn into a career not a job. I think the ones still there are just stuck and are looking for something else too come along. I Know I would.

But that will just mean more rotations in inexperienced non certified techs. But doesn't that really sound like the corporate racket. Take over and run it in the ground. If the Pres of Camping World really cares about his company he will realize that a change has too be made so his service techs pay.

who would want too have the responsibility of keeping a unit from blowing up. OR fiddling around in someones ***. Just to always wounder if there going to have enough to pay there bills. As for THE PROFIT.

Mr Marcis Lomenis I Hope He realizes He and the company he runs. Has been the main topic around the camp fires. Personally I hope change comes for the service techs soon. I have too drive 30 miles extra to go to Great Outdoors r.v..

But so far it has been worth it.

Knock on wood.


If I sound like I'm on the service techs side.I am because not long ago i was one clearing an average of 1200 too 1500 a week as any certified tech should. bottom line if your company can not support an efficient system to pay your techs fairly then you need a different system.Maybe chill out on all the management bonus's


camping world charged over 350.00 for the prep charge on our new camper! when we received the camper, it was so dirty inside.

. had to clean the camper. what was the prep charge for? they said it was to get camper ready and to clean it.

not done.

they made out really good ripping people off. They continue to do this to people so beware of them.


Camping world gave us 10,000 dollars for our trade in and they are now asking almost 17,000 dollars. They should be ashamed of themselves.

our mistake that we have to live with. sometimes you do things that are really ***. this is one we did!!! They are ripping people off!!

I have heard from other people they don't give you anything for your trade in.

beware people and don't do the same blunder we did. make sure you know exactly what your camper is worth before you trade in because you can be ripped off!!!!

to Anonymous Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #750382

Business 101 and sell for more. They need to inspect and fix your trade in and someone is going to come in and chisel the price down so they can ask whatever they want for it, doesn't mean they are going to get it. Why did you accept the deal then???

to screwy louie #936923

Blame it on the president/reality star, Marcus.

He shows others how to run there company. When he cant run his own.

notice you don't see him take any time with his own camping world stores to make a show?

. He has to see the negative reviews on curtain stores on sites like these. That is all i have to say. no matter how much is written about these crappy managed stores nothing is done.


I think i will start a post to see if $65.00 an hour can get me started. *** i have 12 years experience. But then again there is always people with more money then brains. And will still go back to camping world.

probably the same kind of person that cant end an abusive relationship.

to screwy louie #1249326

The technician gets the trade then inspects it...always issues with trade ins like water damage that you People knew about and forgot to mention and any issues that are NYSI related that have to be fixed yes the price has to go UP!

to screwy louie #1249585

that camper was like new!

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