In Sept 2012, We were assured by the service dept. the technicians could repair everything.

Instead they kept our rig for 2 months and continued to make things worse. They never repaired their mistakes, but charged us for making matters worse. They did not put things back together, just left things undone. I would NRVER go back or recommend them for any chassis work, or assume they will complete the job in a professional, or even semi professional manner.

Even their technicians will agree they are not trained enough.

This is a company that preys on RV owners. BAD, BAD.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Repair.

Monetary Loss: $2900.

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We purchased a ner Kingston Montana June of 15. Should have read the reviews.

Paid 1200 for post delivery and received nothing.. Lots of rust, 1/2 of air condition not working, lots of things broken and doors not fitting. Lots of dialogue with Burlington and no results.

We were just kicked to the curb after we signed sales. Avoid Camper world at all cost

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada #584442

I too have had problems with the Burlington Camping World. I have owned a 2012 5th wheel bought 13 months ago and have had it is the shop on two occasions with the first time only a couple of weeks but this time almost 4 months.

Also a surprise piece of info as found out the new rig we bought had previous body damage which was repaired and then sold to us as new.

Would I ever buy from any Camping World again ...... NO, NO & NOT ON MY LIFE.


Im not from Englewood Colorado. Im from Kerhonkson NY. Can't seem to change the location.


Camping World in Kingston NY had had our camper for 2 1/2 months now. Service needed on a 2012 Jayco: bedroom door would not latch closed, what can be done to keep battery carged?

Can we dissconnect radio? Wire for slideout kept showing when we extended and took it in. Globe in kitchen on ceiling for LED light kept falling off...this was suppose to be fixed when we initally picked up the camper. And last, the wheel well was pulling from the siding.

After the first month we called and they said everything was done and they were just waiting on a part for the light. A month and a half in, still waiting on the part. Last Friday, called coporate/complaint line and that same afternoon they called and said our camper was ready to be picked up. My husband called and said he would be in on Wednesday.

He went in, and first thing he checked was the wheel well...not finished. He didn't even bother checking inside he was so pissed. We are "suppose" to hear about picking it up today...3 months later. It's suppose to snow this weekend and we will leave it there until spring if they don't call us.

We will not pay storage. This company is the worst company we have ever delt with.

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