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I called to check on a used 5th wheel. I had several phone calls with the sales associate. I let him know that I will be living full time in the RV until the VA decides my disability claim after my 3 level fusion in my back. There were several nice looking photos on RV trader, and I ask Tim, how it the trailer mechanically. "Oh I've been selling trailers or in the business for 15 years, and this is one clean nice trailer".

I am in southern Illinois, and will be driving out to purchase it. Upon arriving, I already knew that on Sunday they can not do any paperwork, so I will be getting a hotel room anyways. I show up after my 6 hours drive because I can't drive that fast with my back.They opened up at 10 AM, and there are 10 -/+ people coming and going into the store at 15 min till, so I walk in and ask if Tim was working today, and if so could they let him know that I was here. "We don't open for another 15 minutes, you can come in then and ask us, but we don't know if he is working or not"! I go ahead and leave the store and go to the RV that I was interested in purchasing. It was listed for mid range NADA value. I had agreed to a price about $500 below the low NADA value over the phone if the RV was in the condition that he said it was in.

After getting to the RV, the door was left open all night, it didn't smell, but I wondered if it had. The RV wasn't cleaned at all inside or out. I mean dirty, there was still *** stains in the toilet, and if you opened the valve it was even worse, but at least the black tank was empty. Overall it was a decent RV, except for the following:

1. Both slides seals were ripped on the top and the sides

2. the tires I would not trust to drive off the lot (several flat spots and metal cord showing

3. the spare tire had 1 or 2 layers of cord cut through where the weight of the trailer had blown out the tires and this one cut into the support frame on the trailer. I have no idea how it held air even.

4. All 4 springs were bent about 2" on all axles from being loaded overweight.

5. discolored floor under the fridge from leak, and very soft floor

6. the model I was looking at was a Keyston Cougar, and both front sides were delaminated where it is common from the marker lights leaking and causing the fiberglass to delaminate from the frame/wood support structure.

7. None of the appliances had been checked since being on the lot

I inform Tim of the issues when he shows up 30 minutes later. "Sorry my daughters car battery was dead and took me a few minutes to go and replace it". REALLY? I know that life happens, but just be honest and say the real reason. He said well it is a great used unit, and didn't know why I was upset with driving 400 miles to look at this RV when it was in horrible mechanical shape. I told him I for sure wasn't paying the price that was negotiationed prior to coming out, and that the spare tire and tires are not great, but I would not buy the trailer without at least a useable spare. He replied, "Well it was nice knowing you", jumped onto his little golf cart and drove off.

I drove back to the store and a previous salesman came up to me, and I asked if the manager was around today. I spoke with him, and finally had agreed that if they could get me a spare, that I would still purchase the trailer. Well they went to "borrow" from 2 other units that they had used on the lot, but their tires were even worse! I guess that is the practice there, but I was amazed that they would even leave that tire aired up, to me if it was in my truck bed, I would deflate it because I would suspect it would blow up.

I went ahead and started to do the paperwork to return Monday morning to do the financial portion of it. The other salesman, I asked, if I purchase this, who will get the sales commission? He said "that is up to the store manager, I do know that I won't be getting the full amount, nor do I know if I am getting any at all". He had agreed to bring the RV up to the building in the morning, and hook it up and check all the appliances. I saw on his inventory sheet, that this RV has sat on the lot for 45 days, and was a wholesale unit! They were not going to put any time nor money into that they didn't have to, and to me it was in NON roadworthy condition! I know that if i was pulled over, I would not been allowed to continue on with the condition of the tires. I asked the other saleman, since it was going to be up here, can someone at least jack up one of the wheels, because I would like to take one drum off, and check to see what condition the brakes are in. I don't want them to be inspecting it, I personally want to know the condition. He went and asked, "we can't do that". I wasn't negotiating any price, I wanted to KNOW what stopping power I was going to get out of the 9,500 pounds that I was going to be pulling behind me.

After getting my hotel room, I thought why am I even here, first impressions is usually how I go through life on. This one was horrible, and I didn't feel comfortable giving this rude man any money from the sale of this RV that they had not even checked out. Who was to say that the gas lines didn't have a slow leak? Both LP tanks were empty. I ate dinner, and then got to sleep and woke up several times due to pain from the 6 hour drive. I finally get up at 0300, and decided to hit the road and come home. I get just west of St. Louis, and I call them at 1005 on Monday morning to inform the manager that I had thought things over, and even though things were smoothed over, I felt that the trailer was a dangerous investment and I would not need it brought up and inspected and hooked up or cleaned. He wasn't too happy, he said well we had pulled it up and already started on it, I said well if you had did that within a few days of it coming onto your lot, you would be selling is this morning, so just consider this a thank you for the next customer who will come and look at it.

I called camping world, and let them know of my experience. I also called and spoke with whom ever was over safety. I sent them 2 pictures of the spare tire, and they seen no real issue, because it was a used unit! REALLY? I received an email about 3 days later, saying "Sorry for your bad experience, here is $10 coupon to use at your next visit to one of our stores nationwide"

Oh, $10 doesn't pay for the $300 in fuel I wasted to look at a un-safe RV. I responded and said, " I will never spend another dime in your stores, and if you were to have a part that I needed to get back on the road, I would happily wait DAYS to get one from someone else, and the $10 coupon is an insult for the rudeness of your employees. I've never had a response to that email 2 months later.

I will never shop Camping World, they are just like most big box stores... I had read elsewhere about the rudeness of the salespeople, but from my conversation on the phone, I thought that someone must have just been mad at someone. I was wrong. Please support someone else, if they have a used trailer, it maybe a wholesale unit and after speaking with the 2nd salesman, they have people who drive wholesale RV's from lot to lot, to try and push them so it appears that their inventory "changes".


Monetary Loss: $300.

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Kansas City, Missouri, United States #1215115

I agree. We purchased a new camper last year with them.

we still are waiting to have things fixed that were discussed when we drove it off the lot new. I have contacted corporate, they do nothing but refer you back to Grain Valley. I will never purchase from them again.

Its disgusting to spend $35,000. on a new product and No one in there company seems to care.

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