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Bought camper end of April 2015, took possession May 6th. CW installed 5th wheel hitch, it was not up high enough to clear truck and plate in the bed of truck was never torqued down, no tool marks on nuts!!

June 15th, driver's side rear wheel fell off, did MAJOR DAMAGE! ! CW had camper for 44 days, when we picked it up, there was more damage in 2 different places!!! Wheel that they replaced had wrong lug nuts and was not torqued to Spec.

On Oct 18th same wheel started smoking, thought it was going to catch on fire!

Pulled into roadside rest, called Roadside assistance, when he jacked it up the wheel fell off into his hands, without even removing lug nuts!!!! Tired of them putting my life and everybody else's life at risk!!!!!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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