Chichester, New Hampshire
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We recently experienced a fiasco at Camping World in Cichester N.H.

We scheduled to have a Blue Ox tow system installed on our new Jeep Wrangler.We were told it would take about six hours.

We drove about two hrs. north to a scheduled 12 noon appointment, which seemed to be a bit late to get started on the work. We arrived and were told it would be about 12 hrs and we wouldn't have the car back for a couple of days. The counter "experts" kept passing the buck and blame back and forth and no one was taking any responsibility for the confusion or mix up.

Our jeep was dropped off on Wednesday and told it would probably be ready Friday. We were told not to call, but to use email as they always check and reply to email. We tried to email on Friday, no response. We returned on Monday to hear the crock that the work had not been started yet and it would be a few days yet.

As I was about to boil over with frustration, and anger the responses were slow, uninterested, confusing and disrespectful. A service manager came out to announce they were referring to another jeep and ours should be ready in two hours. It was now the fifth day and they still needed two more hrs.. When it was ready, about two hrs.

later there was no service mechanic around to demonstrate how to hookup or operate the system, instead they sent the same indignant counter girl out to read and try to learn how to set up the system and she told us, as she stumbled through the directions, to figure it out and hook it up ourselves. The whole experience was witless and judgmental against us their new customers. We trusted they knew what they were doing. They might as well all have been just hired that morning without training.

It was as far from a professional experience as any one could imagine. There is no way I would ever patronize that facility again and I'm not sure I would ever trust Camping World anywhere to service, repair or supply items for our RV again.

We were thoroughly disappointed and disgusted with the whole experience. I will pass the negative word along and make sure no one is sent their way as long as I have anything to say about it.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Service and respect for the customer.

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Look at the 700+ complaints. The entire company operates this way.


I am starting to believe this is how they operate most of their service departments. Some how the word needs to get out there about their poor work.

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