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I bought a used as is Damon Daybreak and habe waited patiently for Hanover Pa. to rectify their poor service depts loss of my front hubcap. I have heard Nothing back.

The salesman was at times snippy and walked away quickly while speaking after my three appts to purchase. The brakes seized the first time smoking horribly so we could not take home until a fewxdays later. Nit twent mins into the ride back oyr front right hubcap goes shooting off into the countryside off Rt15 in Gettysburg. Went back to find ut so unsafe aling a busy highway and gone! I have emailed,texted and called and havent bern even treated nicely no appology,nadda.

Obvioysky service looked at the seized brake,then did a poir job putting hubcap back on.

This will cost me over 250.00! And even my lower bid I have found out I paid at keast 2500.00 over Bluebook value for this unit...very disappointed and waited 90 days begore giving tgem my review hoping they cared about their reoutation better. Shame on them!...you can clearly see how awful it looks missing this wheel covering!... I feel like I bought junk and feel they knew it too.

By the way,not Once did Scott oyr salesperson offer to show me one more RV if a better quality,he seemed bored with the who sale....

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It is your own fault for paying more then you believe you should have. You did by a "used" camper.

Used and As-is is the key. If the dealer fixed the brake issue prior to you leaving, or even as soon as you realized it, that sounds like good customer service to me. If you want new, buy new. The only thing in your post which may or may not be relevant is the hub cap.

It may have been placed on improperly, but how do you know? Certainly you did not inspect it to see that it was improperly put on, or you have had the rectify the situation. So another possibility is that the hub cap may have come off due to your own driving or other uncontrollable items on the roadway.

I think if you get anything after leaving on that issue would be better then nothing. If you are truly unhappy with the salesman, or the deal, or the price; then look at your poor decisions in the future and realize you are responsible for the choices "you" made throughout the process.


There is so much wrong with your post. First off, a hub cap should not just come off a vehicle.

Second, someone should have actually checked to make sure every thing is running smoothly that is what they are paid for.

Third regardless of new or used a salesman who seems uninterested probably did not do very much to help them find what they needed or what best suited them. Do not full on blame people for their "poor choices"