As I am now a ex camping world employee, I have never worked for a place that treats people as this company does. If there is a customer issue they don't seem to care.

As I answered the phones for the Roanoke va store I had many customers call and be aggressive towards me, for lack of customer service. I was fired today as I was told I had a customer complaint from 3 weeks ago. When all n all its was because I went above the management to help this customer with his issue to where they camping world had done wrong. I had only been there 3 months.

I've seen more issue arise than I've ever seen in a business. I've seen more turn around for poor management then I've ever seen. I will never say to anyone go buy your next event experience with them. Not 3 months ago and not now.

The Lack of care in this business is very sad. I've had salesman say I've sold the unit it is their problem. Wait one minute. Have these people read what the meaning and value is to be about through good Samaritan?

They sure havent. I will never put I worked for this rotten company anywhere but here. I was completely ashamed of how they treated customers.

Customer are the base of the money's to be made. And how you get paid.

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North Tonawanda, New York, United States #892733

What you discribe Is how I was treated in Ocala FL ,

After dealing with the salesmen on a used rv and hearing how promising this rv is how clean a one of a kind I decided tho fly there 1800 miles , when I got there George Allen took me out to see it , was a little ruffer than I expected but my care was that it was reliable and I could drive it home 1800 miles so ( here's the mistake ) I bought it , put the plate on it and off I went out of the parking lot foot to the floor this thing had trouble doing 45 mph so I turned it around . Then the lies started I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

Got a hotel nearby for the night and went back the next day to hear the same story .

So fed up so taken I called a salvage yard in lady lakes to pick it up . Flew back home the next day the name campingworld gives me the chills I've heard about people being taken like this but I never thought I'd be one .


As a customer I agree ever since I made a purchase back in July they did nothing but give me the run around and you have to end up making all kinds of threats to get anything done. When you call the girl sounds as though you are a bother for calling and asking to speak to anyone.

It is all about numbers for them not the customers needs and the salesman seems to act as He knows nothing about your problem or even how to deal with it.

This was like dealing with first grade children who have not been trained in what to do or act. And the old act that they are in a meeting or on the phone is posh and will call you back forget it if you were going to spend 150,000 maybe but not for a problem on one of their sales.

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