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Madison WI Camping World is horrible.DJ in particular is a very rude, condescending, unprofessional salesman.

Drove an hour and a half, cash in hand to buy a camper and was told that cash is unimportant and we shouldn't have told him we could pay it outright because they make more money if you finance from them. Because of DJ they lost a client for life and we will be sure to spread the word about their awful sales tactics and rude behavior. He kept pushing us to tell him we would buy it without even giving us any final numbers. The buying experience should be fun, not forceful.

When we took a walk to look at the camper again and to talk about our offer another couple started looking at the same camper we were to buy. The other salesman showing it to the other couple asked if we needed help and we told him we buying that camper and were working with DJ and he immediately ran back inside to talk to DJ. That's when all of a sudden DJ's whole demeanor changed even worse than it already was and he told us "Oh I know them. They're here to buy it.

He has his license out and money in hand." Then all of a sudden our offer didn't even matter. We realized that our offer was never even considered or looked at and that he would contact us if the other deal didn't go through while we were still sitting there with a valid offer on the table. This told us that we meant nothing and that he would lie, discredit and be disloyal to anyone he could. Before the other couple even looked at it he tried forcing us to buy it by signing a scribbled out offer on a customer info sheet.

Sorry but that seems a little backwards and shady to me.

First tell me if they accept the offer and then I'll sign a legit bill of sale.What a horrible, horrible experience and don't ever deal with a guy by the name of DJ who works at the Madison Camping World.

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