Put $1000 deposit down to hold travel trailer. During walk through found 3 puddles of water on floor.

Orientation manager said it was from service guys power washing trailer with slider out. Not happy with answer and their lack of concern that this was ruining the flooring, we elected not to buy trailer( no contract was in place or signed) The sales manager threw a list of things that had been done to "prep" the trailer for the walk through and refused to return our deposit. Beware of the rush through orientation ( did not test microwave because he claims he didn't know how, really?) first response to water puddle was "where did that come from?" Because it was in front of the oven, no where near slider, then changed story to power washing issue, said happens a lot. So why do it if you know there are problems.

Filing complaint with corporate, better business bureau and more. This is just stealing

Review about: Camping World Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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