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Friday June 26.2015 copy to Paul caglin Aug 1, 15 copy to corp hqa via complaint ln

A brief history of my dealings with the St Augustine Camping World

1. I purchased the 2010 Dutchman 390 intense toy hauler about April 2011. The sales crew and the financial crew were great to work with. Someone from the service dept was assigned to give me a walk-through to insure I understood all the controls and to check for any problems. When it came to showing me the levers to drain the holding tanks I pointed out to him that there was no lever for the forward gray water holding tank. He explained to me in the newer units that the black water valve emptied both the gray and black water at the same time. OK I believed him until the first time we went camping and flooded the master bedroom. I discovered a small hole that a bee might make and poked a clothes hanger in and felt something hard. After cutting out the insulation I found the valve with no control lever attached. I went bought the parts and I fixed that.

2. I had some add on features and so I did not take the unit with me that day. After the work was completed I went to pick the unit up. Some one from Camping World met me to assist in hooking the fifth wheel unit up. He was having some problems getting the height right and I asked what the problem was. He said the motor overheated and the safety shut it off. After another attempt I opened the compartment containing the gear equip and discovered the channel the landing gear slides up and down in was split. (this is like 1/4” steel). They kept the unit and fixed the problem.

3. I go to pick the unit up after the above repairs, I was instructed I would be met out in the front parking area to receive the keys. After 2-21/2 hrs and many trips inside to check on the status someone came out and explained an employee accidentally took the keys home.

4. Some time later ( the paper work with the exact date is in the camper) I took it in for some warranty work. The fueling station didn't work and the generator would not run for more that 15 minutes. I go to pick it up and instead of owing $50 or $100 I owe $900 and they explained the generator needed a new carburetor not covered by warranty. I requested the old parts and received them. There was nothing wrong with the carburetor or the fueling station pump but the fuel filter that was changed on the generator was clogged. I decided that was the last time that I would deal with Camping World.

5. Well 14 months later the generator had the same problem, I called the service department to check on the warranty for repairs, I was told 12 months and decided I would get someone else to fix it.

6. This past April, I hit a low limb at a state park and did damage to the ac and some vents. I took pictures to report this to my insurance company. Camping World recommended insurance company. I told them I had already had it looked at and pictures taken of the damage and wanted to use the mobile RV, licensed and insured people to do the work and they said OK but would not pay travel expenses to that company and that they recommend I use one of their “trusted” shops. Go figure, that was the St Augustine Camping World.

7. I got an $8,500 dollar estimate, the insurance $7,900 (approx) that would have had me paying about $600. When I went to pick it up I was billed $1000. I questioned why and I was told there was some other damage found that caused the increase.

8. This past week I was told that the repairs were complete and went to pick up my RV. I was assured that a complete walk through had been done by three people ( I had told Ashley about my previous experiences with his company). I did a quick look through and because the work was all on the roof could not see much. I opened the toy hauler door and the rear ac had wires and sheet metal hanging down and no cover. I did not come home with my RV.

9. I was told Camping World would pay to have the unit towed to my house after the above was fixed. I got an email the work was done and the unit would be delivered on Friday June 26, 2015. I requested that someone plug the unit and insure the ac units could be controlled by the thermostats and that the driver delivering the unit call me when he got close so I could guide him in to where the camper would be parked. I got no call and called Camping World to check on the delivery. I asked to speak to Ashley and was told he was not at work today, I explained my issue and requested I talk to someone about this, she transferred me to some ladies voice mail that said she would return my call by 5pm. I hung up and called again and asked to talk to a live person, I got transferred to Doug. I explained the issue and he said he would check on the status. About 10 minutes later he called and told me no one was scheduled for the delivery and no one was available to deliver it.

10. While at the service advisory desk I noticed a sign that said repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own your RV. I asked two service advisers about that and one said yeah well that is only for 12 months, the other service adviser said yeah I guess they are guaranteed for as long as you own your RV. I would like to know what the policy is.

11. I gave the maintenance supervisor Paul Caglin a copy of this list and he blew me off saying he was busy. He never got back with me.

After sending the above complaint to camping world hq via their web site they sent it right back to the person i delt with originally ( Paul Caglin at the st augustine fl location) he told me there was nothing he could do about the carb that was replaced that didn' fix the problem or refund me the $900, also I could not get a detailed listing of why the estimate went up on the roof repairs which cost me an additional $400 nor refund me the money. Also I asked about the sign in the repair shop that said " we garante our work for as long as you own your rv" his answer to that was "of course we can't do that we would go broke" I have the carb that was replaced and the non itemized bill for the roof repair.

Reason of review: all of above.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Dishonesty and disinterest.

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I work at dealer near a camping world & I hear over & over people talking about camping world and that "they'll never go back". well they do go back and they keep getting f*#%ed, then they come back to us and *** and moan but they still go back.

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