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Been using camping world for 20 years now but will never walk into that store again. Was looking in Harrisburg pa at new fifth wheels on route 22 camping world.

The one I really like is 59000. Was going to buy it to be a snow bird in october but guess what. I'll have to start looking again. GO TRUMP 2020!!!!!

I guess the he didn't realize that the people he is backing are young punks with no money that get paid to go and protest and the people who work for a living buy his products. Well I guess you can't fix ***

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Wow the president of camping world is an ***.


Couldn't agree with the original post more. I have tried 3 times to unsubscribe from CW's email list - yesterday the system was "unavailable". Suspect it is being bombarded with others that feel there is much blame to go around and stating that obvious fact DOES NOT make someone a supporter of Neo-*** or other such groups.


I was thinking the exact same thing!!! Who does he think the majority of his shoppers are???

Doesn't he know, being the CEO of a company, what his demographics are???? He said his comments were taken out of text. But he didn't agree with Trump saying there was blame to be had on both sides of the Charlottesville disaster and anyone that agreed with what Trump said he didn't want them shopping at his company. Well, I completely agree with what Trump said.

Antifa should not have been there stirring stuff up. They went looking for trouble.

No, I do not support extremist either. They were wrong on BOTH sides!

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