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Took my class a to camping world nashville for body work. We are full-time rv so this is our home.

They have had it 3 months before we finally got it back yesterday and when we got there we had to wait on them to put a new wheel on. They had it several weeks before they started working on it. Luckily we were 300 miles from family when we had the accident or we would have had no place to go. Alternator went out while at their shop, and I understand things happen.

They tell me it will be $3500.00 to replace it. I told them I would have it picked up because I could have it repaired at Freightliner, including tow bill, for $1200.00. They told me they checked some numbers and could do it at $1500.00. Went to pick it up yesterday and was hit with another big charge on the alternator that they had FORGOT to charge me.

Tried to call CEO of Camping World today and got some guy trying to give me a gift card for Wal-Mart and he wouldn't connect me with someone unless I gave him credit card number to bill me for shipping. Told him I didn't want it put he was still asking for info when I hung up on him.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'm sorry. Auto correct took over Marcus's last name.

It's Lemonis.

I disagree with the person below. I find him to be concerned and very nice!


You can find CEO Marcus Malonis on Twitter. You can also find his website and email.

If you send him an email he answers them immediately and directs them to Julie at Camping World. She is the manager. Marcus demands they correct any problems immediately. I'm sorry you've had this problem.

We just had a similar problem with overcharging.

It's the first time though. We are usually taken care of with no problem.

to Anonymous #1099289

Poor customer service starts at the highest level. If poor customer relations were not tolerated by the CEO, it would not be rampart throughout the company. Lemon is needs to look at his own organization before advising someone else.


Marcus Leminis has trained his employees to be liars and thieves , had you got a hold of him he probably would have congratulated his employee on the fine job they are doing ,$3500 for an alternator yikes !

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