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I have a 2013 Ram 1500, towing capacity on it is 8600lbs Camping World Byron, Ga told me it was 9300lbs 1st lie, bought a Pioneer trailer and they installed torsion bars and sway bar said it will be safe to tow anywhere 2nd lie, I left there store drove it home which included a 10 mile stint up 75N and I was white knuckle on the interstate with the tractor trailers blowing me all over the road, soon as I got home, I emailed my salesman and said I will be returning first thing in the morning the trailer is unsafe to pull, they need to fix the problem or deal off, I took it back they took the Pioneer off my truck and took all the torsion bars and sway bars back. I said I would like to look at the small class A gas engine, they said tough luck you have already bought the Pioneer, so now I have been emailing and calling corporate with no response every time I call Byron to talk to the manager he is either in a meeting or at lunch, Customer service SUCKS!!

They still have my trailer I refuse to pull it I guess the best thing for me is that I bring home the bacon my wife has never worked and doesn't need to but somehow the loan for the Pioneer is in her name I never signed any papers, so I'm just waiting on the bank to come repo the trailer which will be easy to find on Camping Worlds lot..

NEVER GO TO CAMPING WORLD!! they all about pushing through loans they don't give a *** about you the consumer and they sure don't give a *** about your safety.

Product or Service Mentioned: Heartland Rvs Rv.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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