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I read the reviews and thought "it couldn't possibly be that bad". I was wrong.

It is. We sold our home and bought our first RV (2017 Challenger) in April and have been transported into a nightmare where customer service does not exist and being ignorant is the norm. We had an appointment June 17, 2017 (yes it took two months to get an appointment for warranty work) which Thor had to get because Berkley is a joke. The manager (Danielle?) actually told us we would get better service if we had bought a more expensive rv.

They kept the coach for 7 business days and did nothing. We went and took it back because guess what - we live in it with our dogs and cat and could not afford $250 a night in a hotel that allows pets. They assured us that all the parts would be there in a few weeks and they would get us in right away when that happened. Four weeks later Thor and Berkley are fighting because Berkley claims the parts are not there and Thor has the receipt for the parts being shipped.

Again, Thor had to step in and get us an appointment in July. This time they kept the rv for 12 business days and again did nothing. I repeat nothing. After several phone calls and two trips to Berkley we were able to speak with the alleged new manager.

He was able to get his "workers" to address a few minor issues 4 days later. He assured us that as soon as Thor authorized the work (this should have been done in June; there is no reason given for why is was not done) the work would be done. Well it's been another 3 weeks and Berkley didn't bother to call re authorization for work. We had to make 6 phone calls to get the information.

I'm sure you already guessed - now it's another month before they can give us an appointment to do the work. They are all aware that we are stuck here until the work is done but apparently messing with other peoples lives to their detriment is what Berkley is all about. Thor and Berkley are aware that we live/sleep in the RV and have extended thousands of dollars on hotels. I have never experienced such ignorance and disrespect from a vendor.

It is shocking to me that Thor allows Berkley to act so unprofessional and tarnish their reputation. In my world if you are an authorized rep of a manufacturer you need to be professional and respectful of the people that purchase your products. Not happening with Thor or Berkley. We're not asking for much - we just want the rv that we purchased new to be fixed under the warranty.

However, I'm afraid that we have entered an alternative universe where ignorant employees run the show. Everyone from the sales person we dealt with (Barbara) to the service department has been horrible. So now it is September, nothing is fixed, it's getting cold at night, we cannot leave the area, and we don't have an appointment for another month. I'm done.

I have tried to be polite, respectful and professional about this to no avail. My advice to anyone dealing with Berkley: Do not buy a Thor and find some place more professional to purchase an rv from.

If you are already stuck with Thor and/or Berkley make sure you document everything so that you can file a 93A or Lemon Law against them. I will post again with the outcome.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Rv Part Replacement.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $150000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Camping World Cons: Warranty not honored service is nonexistent.

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WOW....I'm going through the same thing now!


I fully agree. Their service dept.

Stinks! After having our brand new cougar in for warranty work for 5 weeks and many irate phone calls from me, we picked up our 5th wheel camper. Half of the issues weren't fixed, but we were going to take it home anyway. On the way home, the camper slammed into the back of our truck.

They never put the plate back on the king pin! It was left inside the camper in a box for some reason. We barely got it home, with a ruined tailgate on our pickup. They denied doing this!!!

Never again. Don't buy from them!!!


Brian if didn’t know better I would of bet my last dollar that I had written that letter. We have been trying to resolve problems since May 2017 it is now sept 2018 and still not resolved. Was wondering if you ever did and if so how?


This is almost identical to our experience that it is incredible. We also still have no solution!


I agree 100%. Bought a brand new travel trailer that had horrible initial quality.

It almost felt like drunk people put it together on the assembly line. I drew the line when the roof started leaking in two places. I insisted on a replacement camper and they eventually gave in when i started to mention Massachusetts Attorney General's Consumer Advisory Division. So I picked up my second brand new Heartland Mallard and that too was loaded with things that were broken or didn't work properly.

Then the roof started leaking. I asked for a refund and they basically told me to pound sand. I was told to call Heartland directly as they no longer want to deal with me.

Am I just unlucky the two brand new campers would have all these problems and leaking roofs? Or do they just sell junk that they cannot service or stand behind?


We have experienced the same thing. You are absolutely correct.


I am having same issues right now with a thor and camping world of berkeley

These people are liars and should be put out of bussiness

@Gary little

Same issues and more staff is useless ignorant etc.


What you are describing happens at all of the camping world locations on all product brands ALL the time.


Must be a manager that works there, that responded. It might happen there but it doesn't happen at other dealerships.