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Unable to service Class A motor homes.This Camping World has several campers and 5th Wheels, but only a couple used Class A motor homes.

If you want to purchase or have service on a Class A, go to a Camping world with LOTS of Class A's on their lot (ie., Syracuse, NY Camping World or other). I scheduled a specific service and drove 2 hours to Bath NY Camping World....Waited 3 hours and was told that they do not perform that service at their site and do not have the equipment to perform that service. I made an appointment at the Camping world in Syracuse, NY and they found the problem visually in 5 minutes or less....using no equipment. The Bath, NY Camping World is NOT the place to purchase or service Class A motor homes.

They may do fine on campers or 5th wheels but are simply not geared up for Class A motor homes.

Winnebago was notified but admits that they give the dealership to Camping World in general, knowing that there are Camping Worlds that are not capable to service their Class A's.They may be very nice people, but not Class A rated for sales and service.

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Not Syracuse!They SUCK TOO.

Can't keep a manager.Or good techs because they get screwed on there pay.

Camping Worlds Pres Marcus should spend more time investing in his tech being payed fairly.And less time trying to be a movie star.

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